Your Employees Are the Absolute Best Recruiters #HRTechConf

Oct 7, 2016 12:58:12 PM / by Mary Kaylor

I’m in Chicago this week for the 19th annual Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference & Expo, and I’ve been tweeting from several excellent sessions.

You can pretty much know what strikes a chord with the audience by the number of retweets and likes it receives.

I tweeted this during the “Women in Technology” event on October 4 and it has been getting a lot of traction.


While the panel for this session was speaking more about the absence of women in the HR tech candidate pipeline and how your employees can help source more female candidates, the tweet continues to rack up retweets and likes because it speaks to a growing trend.

HR technology is not only helping to unite employees inside an organization and to build better teams, it’s also providing a platform from which workers can share stories about your amazing workplace culture—and attract talent to your organization. When you have a supportive, fair and kind environment, your employees will share their happiness—and news about your open jobs—with their friends and relatives, letting others know that it’s a great place to work.

Yes, your employees are now passive recruiters. And because great talent continues to be a difficult find, this is an important trend that organizations need to understand and promote.

You can no longer hide your bad culture

Candidates are now consumers. They shop around. And they’ll look you up when they’re looking for a job.

Technology and social media have made it just about impossible to hide a toxic culture. The word will get out, and it will be publicly posted for all to see on sites such as Glassdoor—the Consumer Reports of employers. And it won’t only hurt your talent acquisition efforts, but also your bottom line. Customers watch how companies treat employees.

Think about the last time you spoke to a friend or relative about your workplace. Did you give a positive impression? What about that question on your organization’s annual satisfaction survey that asks if you’d recommend your organization to others? Which box did you check?

Your employees can—and should—always be a part of your employer branding strategy. Let them be the megaphone for your brand and give them the tools and technology to make it easy.

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Mary Kaylor

Written by Mary Kaylor

Mary Kaylor is the Public Affairs Lead for the Society for Human Resource Management. She is the Managing Editor of the SHRM Blog and the creator and producer of #Nextchat, a leading global Twitter chat on the HR trends and all things work. Her career in communications spans from technology and workforce management in the telecommunications industry to external affairs and public relations. An HR Technology conference blogger since 2015, you can find her on Twitter at @SHRMKaylor.

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