HR Tech Reveals Winners of the 2020 Top HR Products Awards

Oct 5, 2020 10:12:07 AM / by HR Tech

Human Resource Executive® HR Technology Conference & Exposition® Reveals Winners of the 2020 Top HR Products Awards

Sixteen Products Selected for Newly Updated Program Celebrating the Innovations Driving the HR Technology Market


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – (October 5, 2020) – The HR Technology Conference & Exposition®, in conjunction with Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, today announced the winners of the Top HR Products of the Year Awards. The annual competition, updated for 2020, seeks to discover the best new HR technology products.


Working with the conference organizers, the editors of Human Resource Executive® conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the award submissions, including input from a panel of industry experts and analysts. For the first time, the program combined the "Top HR Products of the Year" with the "Awesome New Technologies for HR" categorization to focus on the leading-edge technologies disrupting the space. Taking into consideration factors such as innovation, the value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user and ability to deliver on what is promised, the following 16 solutions were named the winners:


Accelerated Coaching and Scaled Mentoring Program
PILOT, New York, N.Y.

PILOT supports HR leaders by delivering virtual career development through a structured program of individual reflection, manager feedback, executive mentoring and live group coaching sessions. Unlike traditional offerings that are expensive, difficult to roll out and reinforce employee helplessness, only PILOT offers a turnkey solution that's affordable, quick to deploy and fosters employee agency and ownership. In just six months, participants advocate for themselves, create stronger connections with their colleagues and develop a habit of self-improvement. PILOT can be rolled out in just two weeks and handles the communications, scheduling, operations, analytics and nudging, enabling HR to play a more strategic role.


Dayforce Wallet

Ceridian, Minneapolis, Minn.

Dayforce Wallet is a digital financial management solution that helps employees feel a sense of empowerment over their earnings and regain control over their finances. Built with the combination of a physical card with a digital experience, Dayforce Wallet gives employees access to their earned wages on-demand, which are then conveniently and immediately deposited into their digital wallet account. Unlike other products in the market, Dayforce Wallet leverages the Dayforce platform's continuous calculation capabilities, which means funds are accurate – not an approximation of earned wages. There are also no direct fees for the employer or employee.


Fuel Marketplace

Fuel50, Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Fuel50's FuelMarketplace™ is an AI-driven internal talent mobility solution supporting organizations and their people with smart-matching to gigs, job vacancies, career opportunities and learning modules coupled with 360-degree feedback to support their continual career development. With powerful talent pipeline insights, FuelMarketplace also supports leaders to build agile teams based on best talent fit. The platform provides talent mobility analytics and trends to support workforce planning and help organizations make strategic workforce decisions, while also matching employees with career growth opportunities based on their skills and talents and creates gig networks for cross-organization project fulfillment – supporting a truly agile, future-proofed workforce.


Language Learning Solution

GoFLUENT, New York, N.Y.

GoFLUENT solves an age-old problem that is a growing challenge for organizations navigating today's global talent crisis: how to accelerate language proficiency at scale. Less than 5 percent of the planet speaks English natively. Yet, it is critical to global business. Past approaches were one-size-fits-all, expensive or simply not scalable. GoFLUENT's enterprise portal delivers an experience that accelerates an individual's ability to improve existing language skills or learn one of nine languages from scratch. GoFLUENT blends three essential elements: 1) highly curated and business-relevant content, 2) an AI-based Netflix-like user experience and 3) live, 24x7 cloud-based human interaction with expert language teachers.



Paycom, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Managers can't be in two places at once. But with Paycom's Manager on-the-Go tool, they no longer need to be at their desk to complete approvals or perform other essential tasks involving the employees they supervise. Accessible through the Paycom mobile app, Manager on-the-Go allows for anywhere, anytime completion.


Microsoft Teams, Outlook Integration

iCIMS, Holmdel, N.J.

The iCIMS integration into Microsoft Teams and Outlook simplifies how recruiters and hiring teams collaborate. Recruiters can automate interview scheduling through Microsoft Outlook and solicit real-time feedback from hiring teams directly within Microsoft Teams. By connecting iCIMS with Microsoft Outlook and Teams, recruiting organizations can: Save time: automate interview scheduling and receive instant interview feedback from hiring teams without having to chase anyone down; Improve the candidate experience: empower candidates with self-scheduling capabilities based on the hiring team's Outlook calendar availability; Increase recruiting efficiency: drive productivity between recruiters and hiring teams by enabling collaboration in their flow of work.



Workhuman, Framingham, Mass.

Built by data scientists at Workhuman®, Moodtracker™ is the first and only employee pulse survey solution that combines an unlimited number of respondents, an unlimited number of surveys, AI-driven technologies like smart sampling, automated analysis, professionally designed research, and actionable insights into a single free solution. Once survey responses are collected, Moodtracker identifies and recommends the right actions to take to improve company culture, meaning organizations will always understand how their employees are feeling while simultaneously increasing productivity and driving better retention.


Next Gen Pay

ADP, Roseland, N.J.

ADP's Next Gen Payroll Platform enables companies to revolutionize the way they pay their employees. Built natively on the public cloud, this real-time global payroll platform gives practitioners and employees unprecedented transparency into how they are paid.   Our patent-pending taxonomy, or rules for configuring payroll, is realized through a natural language "policy catalog." This empowers practitioners to easily understand regulatory and policy changes, enabling a stronger strategic partnership with business leaders by modeling the real impact to the bottom line. The same technology delivers a breakthrough employee experience with transparency and predictive insights to model and understand the impact of potential life changes.


Opportunity Marketplace

Oracle, Redwood City, Calif.

Opportunity Marketplace brings the flexibility of gig work to the world of full-time employment in order to meet the new demands of a flexible organization and its employees. Combining job postings and internal gigs in one place, Opportunity Marketplace provides a simple, easy-to-use tool – accessible on any device – that fosters career mobility within an organization. Internal gigs allow employees to engage in different activities within the organization and expand their network while learning new skills and experiences. With Opportunity Marketplace, organizations can maintain high levels of engagement and retention while improving the overall employee experience.


Paychex Flex Remote Workforce Enablement

Paychex, Rochester, N.Y.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the critical role technology plays in facilitating workforce productivity, engagement, and compliance for all businesses. As business leaders plan for what the future of work will look like for their organization, many will shift to a remote or hybrid operation. From virtual conversations and digital document management to flexible payments and Paycheck Protection Program support, Paychex Flex® offers HR professionals, managers, and employees solutions to help them comply with new regulations, drive engagement, streamline communications, and deliver productivity from anywhere and on any device. In an increasingly complex world of work, Paychex makes it simple.


People Experience

Workday, Pleasanton, Calif.

Workday People Experience increases productivity by giving people faster access to answers, information, and tasks. People ask questions using their preferred channel—search, interactive chatbots, Microsoft Teams or Slack—and get instant answers from a knowledge base or recommended actions within Workday or other applications. Workday People Experience provides a personalized approach to support and guidance with new ways to communicate with employees, such as journey paths and 3rd party cards. Machine learning delivers a hyper-personalized employee experience aimed at improving efficiency, knowledge sharing and collaboration, and is supported on any device—from desktop to tablet to mobile.




Pluto, New York, N.Y.

Pluto is a workforce analytics and communication platform equipping companies with the tools and insights they need to build diverse, inclusive and equitable workforces. Starting with data collection, Pluto redefines what it means to take an anonymous survey. Pluto's inclusive story forms guide employees through exploring and sharing their identities and perspectives. In-depth analytics enable companies to assess strengths and opportunities and measure impact over time. Anonymous two-way messaging and incident reporting features provide a space to engage in dialogue with employees and address workplace issues faster. Pluto's proprietary privacy measures respect users and protect identities throughout the entire process.


Remote Hiring Solution

HackerRank, Mountain View, Calif.

The HackerRank Remote Hiring Solution empowers the candidate journey from invite to offer. Based on an intelligent skills profile by role, the platform allows recruiters to widen their reach to candidates, power technical assessments, host live pair-programming interviews and benchmark each candidate's skill set. The success of a standardized technical hiring process depends on how well-defined the skills are. HackerRank built the Skills' definition by analyzing assessments made by the HackerRank community through 10's of millions of code submissions. Once established, these skills were validated by an independent Skills Advisory Council.


Skills Graph

Cornerstone OnDemand, Santa Monica, Calif.

In times of rapid change, businesses need to understand the fundamental value an employee brings to the table to manage workforce disruptions and optimize results quickly. Cornerstone's Skills Graph helps business leaders understand, develop and intelligently deploy people with a complete view of strategic skills needed today and tomorrow. Built on a robust and constantly updated skills taxonomy of over 53,000 skills that cover an array of industries, the Cornerstone Skills Graph scans profiles, roles, content performance reviews and more to tag skills and connect development resources to the individual to maximize their development.


Workforce Insights

pymetrics, New York, N.Y.

With Workforce Insights, companies can answer key talent management questions and future-proof their workforce using a unique dataset and interactive dashboard. The data is collected when employees play pymetrics' behavioral science-based exercises, which assess an employee's cognitive, social, and emotional attributes. Using this data, leaders can: Bring Competencies to Life: Explore how teams line up to competencies such as Digital Literacy, Leadership and Teamwork; Unlock Unique Differences: Compare roles to industry benchmarks; Optimize Teamwork: Discover teams' inherent attributes and develop strategies to improve their collaboration; Pursue Data-driven L&D Strategies: Uncover how each team learns and the best training path.



Willis Towers Watson, London, U.K.

WorkVue, the first-of-its-kind AI-driven software, provides a practical approach to reinventing jobs through innovative technology with real-time visualization to support decision making. It brings Willis Towers Watson's revolutionary Reinventing Jobs methodology to life and is designed to help organizations deliver on their business strategies by future-proofing the way their work is organized. WorkVue allows organizations to dynamically deconstruct jobs into tasks, evaluate ways to optimize work – across technology, employees and non-traditional talent – and reconfigure the work into new, more optimal jobs. Learn more about WorkVue.


Select winners will present on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, during the fully virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition. For event info and complimentary registration, visit


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