HR Tech 2020: Be More Successful with the HR Digital Transformation

Feb 20, 2020 10:51:47 AM / by HR Tech

What defines HR tech success to you? Is it finally having the right software to screen applicants efficiently? Is it having your entire onboarding process automated? Is it having access to your workforce analytics to help you make better decisions? Or is it something greater than just one concept?

Steve Boese, chair of the HR Technology Conference, thinks it's the latter.

“When I like to talk about success with HR technology, I am really thinking about it in several dimensions,” said Boese, who is also the Human Resource Executive® Inside HR Tech columnist.

“Success in understanding the dynamic and evolving marketplace of HR-technology solutions. Success in navigating the challenge of finding the accurate, reliable and trustworthy information and insights about the market and its providers. Success in making the best technology investments for your organization’s specific and unique set of challenges and opportunities.”

Success with Human Resources Technology — Changing How HR Works

It’s easy to get intimidated by terms like “HR digital transformation”. Something is changing. It has to do with computers, software, apps and the internet. Don’t worry. Relax.

To ease your mind and help reduce many of the challenges that come with selecting and implementing new systems and processes it helps to meet with both vendors and product users. You can do that easily in a few days at an event like the HR Technology Conference, where you’ll see firsthand the newest, most leading-edge HR-technology innovations and how they help to improve your organization’s business and people outcomes. Hearing insight from your HR colleagues who have been there done that also helps tremendously when formulating an HR tech strategy to fit your circumstances and amplify the success of your people.

The HR Tech Conference’s Goals Are The Same As Yours

Each year, Boese puts together the program for the HR Tech Conference with one overall goal in mind: “I want to know, to hear, to learn about and to connect with all the ways that modern HR and workplace technologies are enabling HR leaders like you, and the organizations you represent, find and sustain success.”

Boese also stresses that while the “theme” of HR Tech remains the same every year, finding and sustaining continued success with HR technology should also be your mantra in order to achieve your goals as an HR leader today.

Your mindset is crucial for finding success with HR technologies, and Boese says, “maybe most importantly, success in opening your mind and imagination in a positive and inspiring manner to help you and your organization succeed in your real goals: creating amazing products and services; delighting customers; establishing and strengthening your organization as one that cares for, supports, challenges and empowers your people; and one that becomes or remains a positive influence in your industry and community.”

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