Dozens of New Products Set to Debut at Upcoming HR Technology Conference & Exposition®

Sep 21, 2021 11:12:16 AM / by HR Tech

This Year's Releases Include Employee Experience, Coaching, Learning and Development Solutions


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This month's HR Technology Conference & Exposition® will be the official launchpad for dozens of new HR tech products. Complete with a comprehensive agenda and expansive exposition hall featuring hundreds of exhibitors, the world's leading event on HR technology will take place September 28-October 1, 2021, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

With HR departments facing new challenges and opportunities over the past year and a half, there has been a notable uptick in innovation across the HR technology space. Many of the new products entering the market focus on improving experiences and promoting learning and development as companies navigate today's hybrid workplace. The following is a list of companies planning to debut new solutions:


ADP – Booth No. 4518
The ADP Return to Workplace mobile solution helps HR leaders and practitioners make informed decisions about workforce safety rooted in frequently updated data about their people. Included complimentary with most ADP systems, the solution's capabilities include vaccination tracking, COVID-19 test result tracking, employee sentiment and availability surveys, health attestation and contact tracing.


ALEX by Jellyvision – Booth No. 1809
ALEX, Jellyvision's benefits engagement platform, drives smart benefits decisions, leading to measurable savings and happier workforces. Now, employers can boost benefits engagement year-round by reaching employees where they are—their phones. Through a new ALEX app, employers send personalized push notifications, and employees get on-the-go access to telemedicine, wellness tracking, insurance cards, prescription cost guidance and more.


Blossom - Booth No. 514Z
Blossom is thrilled to debut its latest breakthrough in talent development: a science-backed app that makes coaching accessible for ALL employees, not just execs. The company's latest advances include coach matching technology to find the perfect coach for every talent profile, and a new user-centric app with interactive, evidence-based techniques designed to help boost (and measure) employee performance, well-being and retention. 


Cauldron – Booth No. 514R
Newly available, Cauldron lets recruiters and hiring managers collaboratively design job application experiences for their applicants with tasks and assignments. This tool allows recruiters to evaluate the skills, merit and commitment of the candidate before racial and socioeconomic signals can influence the hiring decision.


centralF – Booth No. 514BH
Especially for HR Tech 2021, centralF is releasing two major updates: 1. A people analytics-based flexibility management optimization tool. Let the system provide your employees with even more flexibility. 2. A white-label version of the system. Organizations will be able to use the same AI-driven decision support management platform for their distributed workforces and facilities under their own unique brand name and palette.


Clair – Booth No. 2325
Clair, a social impact fintech, is launching a new fee-free Payday Wallet that embeds seamlessly into HCM and WFM platforms. Payday Wallet is free for HR tech platforms, employers, and employees. Once integrated, it instantly provides employees access to on-demand pay, a benefit proven to advance retention & productivity by 40 percent.


Class Technologies Inc. – Booth No. 4134
On September 14, Class Technologies Inc. unveiled new breakout room features and functionality for Class. These features make it easier for facilitators to lead online collaboration and enhance learner engagement and success with online learning. As a result, Class improves virtual learning by adding training and collaboration tools to Zoom by amplifying collaboration within HR and T&D operations across organizations.


Clovers – Booth No. 514AL
Clovers today announced the launch of its flagship product – an interview intelligence platform that uses human and conversational intelligence to accelerate hiring, uncover bias and put the right people in the right roles. It offers interview guidance, real-time feedback to interviewers and post-interview coaching to drive behavioral change. Clovers connects to existing workflows and integrates with ATS, calendars and video conference platforms. – Booth No. 2916 is announcing the release of its brand-new Reporting & Analytics module. The new capabilities allow organizations to integrate all of their coaching data in one place, making it easier to understand the impact of coaching across functions and vendors to get a comprehensive understanding of their coaching ROI.


DocQ – Booth No. 6811
DocQ releases Journey, a cloud-based Learning Management System. Key features of Journey include course/path automation, a "no-code" decision engine, the ability to embed external content, custom reporting and integrated digital signatures. Journey users create step-by-step learning paths and access a self-service tool to collect feedback on educational content. Journey and DocQ integrate with a variety of ATS, CRM and HRIS platforms.


Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. – Booth No. 2016
A new law, the No Surprises Act, may change the reality of surprise medical bills. While it is unknown how effective this law will be, the newly released version of Empyrean Pilot+ helps employees navigate today's medical system. Pilot+ helps to plan costs before care and notify employees of incoming bills for a clear picture of what is owed.


Even – Booth No. 3209
Even, a financial benefits platform designed to provide financial resiliency and control to U.S. employees, will announce the launch of its employer-sponsored platform. The platform is built entirely for hourly workers, a group overlooked and underserved by the current financial system. By sponsoring access to the platform, employers are able to provide the financial tools needed for employees to take control of their financial lives.


GraceBlocks – Booth No. 514K
GraceBlocks announces a new mobile app for iOS and Android, giving HR the power to deliver bespoke mobile HR apps rapidly, via point and click. The platform lets users build "Blocks," and now, each Block will be available inside the new GraceBlocks mobile app. Blocks can span the gamut of HR. Examples include vaccination tracking, work authorization management, candidate text messaging. Free pre-release accounts are available.


HiredScore – Booth No. 2929
HiredScore for Diversity & Inclusion puts human resource teams in the driver seat, compliantly and ethically providing the actionable insights and proactive tools needed to take control and track progress while respecting the privacy of applicants and with complete visibility, transparency and clarity.


isolved – Booth No. 4008
isolved announces People Cloud Expense Management: In addition to simplifying the number of systems needed to manage the employee experience, the launch of isolved Expense Management extends isolved People Cloud by providing an effortless approach for reimbursements and reporting. Employers get a single sign-on for all HR-related tasks, while businesses get centralized reporting and tax management with reduced cybersecurity risk.


JustAnswer – Booth No. 5419
JustAnswer, an online platform connecting people with verified experts for real-time professional help, has launched JustAnswer for Employees, a new service that companies can offer as an employee benefit. Employees can now receive free, on-demand access to thousands of rigorously vetted professionals in hundreds of categories, including veterinary care, mental health, tech support, home or auto repair through the JustAnswer mobile app.


LeaveLogic – Booth No. 6907
LeaveLogic is releasing a new, modern and mobile-friendly version of its personalized employee leave planning and decision support platform. The updated design features first-to-market functionality for benefits teams who seek to provide dynamic leave decision support, education, and training for their employees when they need it most.


MeBeBot – Booth No. 514AT
MeBeBot launches custom Pulse Surveys, using its Intelligent Assistant, the "one-stop bot" for elevating the employee experience. MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant seamlessly installs as an app in Teams, Slack, Zoom or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT and Ops FAQS, real-time usage Dashboard, Push Messaging and now custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions.


MyExcelia – Booth No. 514AJ
MyExcelia is the voice-enabled personal pocket coach. It empowers employees to take ownership of their professional growth. Employees set goals and get real-time feedback on conversations captured through voice technology and AI recommendations derived from our proprietary ROI dataset so that they can excel. Five beta partners will be selected at the conference.


Paradox – Booth No. 3149
With Paradox's new Experience Assistant, Olivia acts as a conversational discovery engine, serving hyper-personalized content, videos and jobs based on responses, resumes and more in real-time, dynamically changing whatever page they're on. In turn, career sites instantly evolve as each candidate's journey unfolds, transforming with every conversation to deliver what people need without them having to search for it.


Paylocity – Booth No. 6509
Paylocity's new enhancements inform and equip diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. The new Demographics Dashboard gives leaders a detailed snapshot of their workforces and recruiting now offers candidate masking to hide names and other information to promote unbiased recruiting. Employees can also self-identify with more descriptors that are reflected across the platform and throughout the employee life cycle once clients opt-in.


Phoenix Technology Systems – Booth No. 514BD
Introducing a self-service Payroll Hub to collect, analyze, review, and merge HR/Payroll data, complimenting your Global HRIS. Phoenix Technology Systems Inc. announces Bridge Connector, which enhances the System of Record (SoR). Building upon its state-of-the-art data transformation technology, Bridge enables a fully automated internal global payroll process.


PTO Exchange – Booth No. 6912
PTO Exchange, a benefits platform that converts unused PTO into goods, services, and experiences, today announced the availability of its new Life Planning Account (LPA) product. LPAs are a means for companies to help employees support the health and wellness activities in their lives. With LPAs, employers provide a lump-sum monetary benefit that employees can use on approved spending categories, such as fitness, retirement, education, and more.


Public Insight – Booth No. 514BB
Public Insight, developer of talent analytics application Insight for Work, announces the launch of Employer Reputation Metrics, which transforms Glassdoor® and Indeed® ratings and reviews data into actionable market insights, including sentiment analysis and opinion mining. Employer brand and DEI strengths and weaknesses can be easily compared to competitors, segmented by titles and regions and measured over time to optimize talent acquisition.


Quantum Workplace – Booth No. 2609
Quantum Workplace announces the launch of Narrative Insight, a suite of real-time text analytics tools that help organizations make sense of their qualitative, people data. Using natural language processing and machine learning, Narrative Insight works at scale to identify sentiment, categorize by theme, and translate comments.


Quotient | HR – Booth No. 514Q
Quotient | HR is releasing an app to allow the HR Ops community to share stories and information and access a library of knowledge. The QHR|OpConnect app is being designed to bring HR Ops to the forefront and reinforce its importance in every company, large and small. HR Ops professionals around the world will find their community and increase the collective knowledge in the field. More information is available on our website.


Showcase – Booth No. 2315
New to the market, Showcase, a platform that automates vendor upkeep, hosts virtual events, optimizes employee benefits usage and empowers people teams to shift their focus back to improving their team's work life.


SparkUs – Booth No. 6212
SparkUs, a CoachingTech company from the Netherlands, will launch its SparkUs digital coaching platform for fast-growing companies in the U.S. market. The SparkUs Digital Coaching Platform is designed for optimizing the number of coaching sessions to generate more impact in less time. Being scalable and customizable, SparkUs serves large-scale L& D implementations for Leadership Development, Mentoring and Coaching Culture.


Survale – Booth No. 1830
Survale announces SurvaleStart, a new module to their solution for optimizing talent-facing programs. SurvaleStart engages new hires between "Offer Accepted" and their start date, gathering crucial intelligence and helping ensure they show up day one comfortable and motivated. Pre-start feedback combines with operational data about the job, recruiter, manager, location and more, to diagnose pre-start problems that affect a successful onboarding.


UKG – Booth No. 4508
UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) introduces UKG Pro Coaching and Development, a 2021 Top HR Products Award recipient. Coaching and Development enables people and organizations to achieve true growth and resilience with AI-powered conversational analysis factoring in people's needs and emotions. These capabilities, combined with ongoing feedback, improve coaching for leaders and boost engagement and trust.


Workrowd – Booth No. 514AP
Workrowd announces its enterprise solution for marketing, managing, and measuring employee initiatives. Users can now centrally organize and track enterprise-wide groups, programs, and events alongside regional and local efforts, both employee-led and top-down. Added features also include advanced administrator oversight, real-time analytics, and enterprise-grade security. This joins their SME SaaS and the Global ERG Network in their ecosystem.


Attendees of the HR Technology Conference and Exposition® will have the opportunity to learn about these innovations and many more in person. To learn more and register, visit


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