The Next Great HR Tech Company - Semi-finalist - Proxfinity

Aug 31, 2017 11:58:54 AM / by Steve Boese

Company name: Proximity

Product name: Proxfinity

Describe your product and what it does.

Proxfinity’s patented technology platform eliminates inefficiencies in the corporate engagement and meeting industry, producing revenue and engagement-optimization opportunities.

Our wearable technology:

  • Automatically finds and visually connects people to their most valuable counterparts;
  • Provides quantifiable corporate networking solutions that deliver alignment and relationship-building around key company messaging, in-the-moment mentoring and cross-functional ideation;
  • Advances lead-generation and client profile-building solutions that accelerate the sales process at trade shows and conferences; and
  • Captures and analyzes data sets that improve business operations and produce actionable business intelligence and insights for all stakeholders.

proximity + affinity = Proxfinity

Who does your product help?  And how?

We assist human resource professionals with proactively managing human capital and workplace engagement.  HR executives need to develop inclusive leaders, drive behaviors around engagement, and improve workforce social connectivity.

At Proxfinity, we know that face-to-face is a key component of workforce engagement.  Proxfinity is a revolutionary person-finding technology that provides participants with effortless face-to-face introductions to their most meaningful counterparts. It starts with automated loading of smart preferences and demographic data that drive matching criteria. Then, real-time visual alerts connect participants when they’re in proximity — resulting in quality conversations between people with common interests. 

Why are you the next great HR tech?

Successful technologies bring greater efficiency to an established process, or provide a ground-breaking solution.  Unfortunately, many technological advances when applied in the workplace have had unintended adverse effects on human engagement and creativity, and made people feel increasingly disenfranchised and marginalized.  The post-industrial technological advances that promised to bring ever-higher output and more free time for non-work endeavors have in fact contributed to job dissatisfaction, diminished productivity and highly costly employee turnover.

We believe Proxfinity’s technology materially contributes to a reversal of some adverse effects that technology has had on the human condition, by bringing face-to-face engagement back to the forefront of workplace activity and providing concrete, measurable returns on a company’s engagement spend.  Proxfinity not only offers a fun and powerful icebreaker that gets people talking again, it also provides unique insights into how and why people engage, and supplies a new tool for use by forward-thinking HR professionals to strengthen the social connectivity of their workforce.  By providing in-the-moment engagement between people when they are close enough to converse in-person, our technology helps to bring back human engagement from the cyber-world to the real-world. 



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