Ceridian, Equifax, MightyRecruiter, SmashFly, TalentFirst and More than 90 Other Cutting-Edge Companies to Unveil New Products at 19th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition®

Oct 3, 2016 10:47:18 AM / by HR Tech

More Companies Than Ever Before to Introduce New Solutions to Top HR and Business Challenges During Can’t-Miss Event

Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR,  shared details of the nearly 100 new products being introduced during the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition®. Taking place at McCormick Place in Chicago from October 4 – 7, 2016, the HR Tech Conference serves as the launch pad for the most innovative products, software and services available on the market today.


Widely acknowledged as the can’t-miss HR event of the year, the HR Technology Conference offers its more than 400 exhibitors, including 40 startups, the opportunity to showcase their solutions to an audience of 8,500 HR practitioners, analysts, journalists and bloggers. The new products that are unveiled at the annual event represent the latest trends in the industry – SaaS, the Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, big data and MOOCs. Attendees of the world-renowned event are afforded the opportunity to touch, compare and contrast these recent entries into the HR technology marketplace.


The following new product announcements and enhancements will be made at this year’s event:


ACAPrime by ChannelBound                                                                                                      Booth No. 1246OO

ACAPrime now offers open source ACA tracking and reporting solutions that run natively on an existing Oracle® Database instance. Companies can leverage their existing IT infrastructure and in-house HR team and do not need to send sensitive census data to a third party every payroll. Access to the ACAPrime Source Code gives companies the control and flexibility to customize their ACA experience to their needs. ACAPrime is powered by www.channelbound.com, seasoned Oracle® and ACA experts.


Appcast                                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1048

Appcast will announce the launch of Appcast Premium Publishers, its latest innovation to help employers put job ads in front of the right candidates. Through this solution, recruiters can promote jobs on a pay-per-applicant basis on top-tier job boards of their choice, providing greater control of where their open positions get sponsored and optimized. With data tracking and analytics, users gain clear insight into source performance to continually improve how they reach the best talent.


Association of Interim Executives                                                                                             Booth No. 943

The Association of Interim Executives has launched a Targeted Assessment for Strategy and Clarity (TASC). Interim Execs are deployed into companies facing challenges, including leadership gaps, declining sales, operational inefficiencies or roadblocks to new initiatives. Executives evaluate finance, technology, marketing, operations and sales to determine if a company is on the right path and deliver a roadmap of their findings. Ability to execute is key, and executives can be engaged to spearhead the implementation phase.


Avature                                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 616

The new Avature In-Store Recruiting Solution provides managers of stores, restaurants and any kind of franchise with an intuitive platform to perform and track all their recruiting activities either from their computers or on the go from their mobile device or tablet. Managers can now quickly fill their evergreen positions by having different talent pools on standby, capture candidates through tailored in-store registration and application tools, and keep them engaged with Avature´s robust CRM capabilities.


Awareness Technologies                                                                                                              Booth No. 2548

Awareness Technologies is releasing an Idle Time Report, which allows employers to see total inactive time by employee and to be alerted when preset idle time triggers are realized. As companies offer more flexible, remote work options, it is challenging to manage employee productivity and active work time. This feature now allows employers to receive automated alerts and reports which verify employee productivity.


Beqom                                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 2054

Beqom integrates enhanced performance management, analytics and benchmarking with total compensation. With this release, compensation teams get a full picture of how compensation impacts performance by: integrating dynamic performance management processes and results directly in compensation plans, simulations and calculations; driving compensation strategically through built-in analytics and benchmarking to compare against peer and industry best practices; and sharing compensation insights through a full set of easy to use reporting, ad hoc and analysis tools.


Bersin by Deloitte                                                                                                                            Booth No. 1131

Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s new BersinWorks™ membership program builds on Bersin’s market-leading research with exclusive new strategies and tools to help small and midsize organizations meet the challenges of the digital HR landscape. BersinWorks’ online tools capture real-time employee attraction, engagement and departure data, evaluate organizational maturity, calculate employee turnover costs, identify key performance metrics and analyze data against peer benchmarks.  Evaluations, models and templates support challenge resolution based on Bersin’s strategic guidance.


BestWork DATA                                                                                                                                Booth No. 337

The BestWork DATA Organizational Strengths Inventory is a 25-minute questionnaire that inventories the operational strengths of any work group within an enterprise, enabling the company to compare those strengths to their operational strategies. The data is easily understood without any special training because the chart is essentially a map of how each individual fits within the group, effectively becoming an MRI for understanding communication and management relationships and a basis for team engineering workshops.


BetterWorks                                                                                                                                      Booth No. 1731

BetterWorks is announcing new feedback and recognition features powered by machine learning. By using insights from the new BetterWorks Work Graph, BetterWorks will intelligently inform managers whose contributions are significant and which employees should be recognized. As a clear leader in HR 2.0, BetterWorks is one of the first enterprise software companies in the operations and HR space to use machine learning to prompt feedback and recognition based on employee work data.



BirdDogHR                                                                                                                                          Booth No. 2641

At the HR Tech Conference, BirdDogHR will introduce the new Talent Management System Dashboard. The BirdDogHR Talent Management System already automates and streamlines processes including recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and succession planning. Configurable by the user, the Dashboard allows customers to display information that is important based on their job function. It also allows HR to create a portal for all HR resources – even non-BirdDogHR solutions can be accessed in one place.


Brazen                                                                                                                                                  Booth No. 1451

Brazen will reveal its latest product enhancement to improve how companies make meaningful connections with talent: an open API enabling its chat software to integrate with various back-office systems. This new API integrates directly with some of the largest applicant tracking systems, helping employers attract high-quality candidates and build engagement much sooner. And with single sign-on capability, users benefit from even greater efficiency when leveraging the Brazen platform to connect with top talent.


Breitenbach US Software Engineering                                                                                    Booth No.  1139

Breitenbach US Software Engineering will launch Version 8 of its Time and Attendance Scheduling software. This new version enables total automation as it can be configured to support any industry regardless of its size or scheduling patterns. The reporting capability is second to none with an executive presence. Data entry can be done via a PC, by phone, handheld device, web, terminal and biometric entry. The interface can be implemented to most payroll accounting platforms.


C.A. Short Company                                                                                                                       Booth No. 2545

The C.A. Short Safegagement Solution is a safety program built on the principles of engagement. The company’s own client research indicates that engaged companies have more impactful safety initiatives because its workers care about the company and their colleagues. The Safegagement Solution points-based program combines best practice engagement solutions with C.A. Short’s state of the art technology platform to mitigate risk on the job and measure results.


Cabaana                                                                                                                                               Booth No. 1246P

Cabaana is a cloud-based solution that enables enterprises to enhance their employee engagement by focusing on team happiness. Cabaana’s three main features are communication, feedback and interaction. By simplifying communication, encouraging a feedback culture, making collaboration more streamlined and making interpersonal interaction important, Cabaana, with its gamified user interface, is a tool to increase a company’s overall productivity.


Ceridian HCM                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 910

Ceridian is launching the Dayforce HCM Strategic Onboarding solution for organizations to manage onboarding needs for new hires, promotions and internal transboarding. In addition to the traditional aspects of onboarding, Dayforce empowers the cultural assimilation and engagement of the new hire or transboarding employee, enabling them to become more effective and productive in a shorter period of time. Dayforce Onboarding helps assimilate new hires and internally transitioning employees socially, through connectivity, communication and collaboration.



Click Boarding                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 1246B

Click Boarding helps HR more efficiently onboard new hires with an easier onboarding software solution for engaging new hires and managing tasks and forms, compliantly. HR has more control over the onboarding process with the new Task Manager, from prioritizing steps, assigning tasks, serving up content and more with ease. All those involved have greater visibility to take prompt action on what really needs attention. Task Manager is available as a stand-alone or connected solution.


ComplianceHR                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 1246PP

ComplianceHR’s Navigator Suite offerings have been expanded to include Pay Practice and Document Builder solutions. Pay Practice conquers the burden of pay practice compliance, offering cost-effective wage and hour guidance to address the challenges businesses face day-to-day, such as minimum wage requirements, meal break obligations, travel time compensation, regulations for holidays and voting time off. Document Builder easily automates, assembles and produces employment documents in minutes for state-compliant employment, non-disclosure agreements and offer letters.


Criterion                                                                                                                                              Booth No. 442

Criterion, Inc. now offers fully-integrated Employee Communities in the Criterion HCM platform. These communities enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, allow for real-time feedback, and improve employee engagement, which is connected to higher productivity, reduced turnover and improved customer satisfaction. Employees can share work-related information, recognize excellence in their peers and keep co-workers informed using profiles and location check-in. Employee Communities are included in Criterion’s Employee Self Service portal, available on Web and mobile platforms.


DecisionWise                                                                                                                                     Booth No. 2645

DecisionWise is releasing Depot™, the personal, team and organization online action planning tool. Depot™ is a robust, comprehensive and interactive online action planner for personal and team use. CEOs to front-line managers can track progress on specific goals for any employee under their area of responsibility. With the ability to set targeted goals, specific tasks, deadlines, progress metrics and notes on needed support, Depot allows complete flexibility and accountability to get things done.


Docebo                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 957

By introducing Coach and Share, Docebo goes far beyond traditional Learning Management Systems by blending formal, social and experiential learning to support learning as it happens in real life. Coach and Share enables teams to promote user-generated content, and helps uncover hidden knowledge within the organization. With Docebo, employees are not only able to locate and connect with internal experts, but also the exact content they need to improve both individual and team performance.


Dovetail Software                                                                                                                            Booth No. 422

Dovetail Software releases its new Employee Portal to provide a consumer-like communication channel between HR and its workforce. HR can own and manage this easy-to-build Employee Portal without IT assistance or coding knowledge required. The knowledge base is consistently updated with HR answers, guidance and policies published directly to employees. Features like real-time chat, employee feedback and mobile responsive design provide the true engagement employees and employers alike seek.




EmployeeReferrals.com                                                                                                               Booth No. 1849

EmployeeReferrals recently launched a mobile app that generates seven times the response rate of its highly successful desktop system. With the mobile app, a company’s employees search their phone’s address book for friends to refer, and then make the referral via text message. In EmployeeReferrals’ comparisons, employees’ friends responded seven times better to texts than to emails.


Entelo                                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 2631

Entelo, the leading provider of enterprise software for data-driven recruiting, will make an important announcement on the first day of the HR Tech Conference.


Epicor                                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 538
Coming soon to the latest version of the award-winning Epicor® Human Capital Management (HCM) solution are integration to Epicor ERP 10.x Time Tracking, integration to Broadbean Job Board Ad Courier application, Absence and Leave enhancements for blackout and workforce capacity rules as well as Affordable Care Act electronic filing.


Equifax Workforce Solutions                                                                                                       Booth No. 1613

Equifax Workforce Solutions will unveil its ACA Subsidy Management Service, helping employers manage the complexities of receiving, processing and appealing subsidy notifications. When an employee applies for healthcare coverage from the Federal or State Healthcare Exchanges, it can trigger penalties for failure to comply with the ACA employer mandate – and employers only have 90 days to respond. ACA Subsidy Management Service streamlines the process through preliminary case analysis, consultation, end-to-end case management and outcome-based reporting.


Event2mobile                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 2532

event2mobile (e2m), a global leader in apps for enterprise events, has launched an industry-first chatbot for e2m. This bot allows for conversational engagement to help schedule meetings for attendees, help them with venue directions, booth numbers, speaker info, session details, PDF and resource access and more. event2mobile will conduct a live demo of event chatbots in its booth.


Fairsail                                                                                                                                                  Booth No. 425

Fairsail introduces new people analytics capabilities to deliver unprecedented levels of workforce visibility to mid-market organizations. The first HRIS to leverage Salesforce Wave Analytics, Fairsail uses cutting-edge visualization techniques to provide a complete view of people from both internal and external sources; an advanced level of visibility beyond the typical information available from HR systems. The result is a unique, holistic approach to delivering better workforce experiences through contextual insight into engagement, performance and risk mitigation.


GoCo.io                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1246GG

GoCo.io Benefits Calculator answers employees’ common question: “Which health plan should I choose?” With the Benefits Calculator, employees answer a series of questions and receive a cost-benefit analysis of the plans best suited to them. GoCo.io’s new tool is free and will make it easier than ever for employees to decide which health insurance plan provided by their employer is right for them, based on their own personal circumstances.



HackerRank                                                                                                                                        Booth No. 438

HackerRank Jobs is a bridge between companies and a community of more than 1.5 million skilled developers who are ready for a career change. Companies post a coding challenge, and HackerRank Jobs sends qualified, top-performing developers from its community. Most recently, HackerRank Jobs launched a “Common App,” where developers apply to companies by solving one set of challenges. A company’s brand gets exposure to thousands of candidates who might otherwise not apply to the job.


Harri                                                                                                                                                      Booth No. 844

Harri will unveil TeamLive™, a comprehensive team scheduling and communication platform with extensive resource scheduling tools, elegantly simple design and real-time collaboration features. TeamLive simplifies the labor management process and boosts overall effectiveness. With team scheduling, managers dynamically view and manage schedules across the enterprise, get real time labor costs and assign shifts to maximize productivity. Instant communication keeps managers aligned with their teams by sharing business goals, status updates and more, from one dashboard.


HiringThing                                                                                                                                         Booth No. 1246D

HiringThing’s new white-label applicant tracking system now can be integrated into any existing HRIS, payroll or HR software system that’s in need of an applicant tracking solution. The offering includes complete asset rebranding, full customization to meet technical and branding specs, dedicated support and training, as well as best of breed applicant tracking, enabling partners to create a full-service HR solution for their clients.


HRadvocate                                                                                                                                        Booth No. 1959

HRadvocate will showcase its newly modernized HCM platform, designed to streamline talent management and HR processes for the middle market. This new SaaS solution enhances access and collaboration between HR managers, recruiters and employees with real-time mobile access to critical information anywhere, anytime. Initial modules available in the SaaS solution include Recruiting, Core HR, Employee Self-Service, Benefits, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Hyphen                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1246K

Hyphen, a leading mobile employee engagement solution, announces Hyphen Insights, an analytics platform for HR and managers to easily gain insights from real-time employee conversations and pulse surveys happening in Hyphen, and effectively drive change throughout the organization. Hyphen Insights helps prioritize employee issues through granular heatmaps, alerts, artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis and comment categorization; and helps companies take action faster with Action Planning. Companies use Hyphen to boost retention, productivity and employee satisfaction.


iCIMS                                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 1505

Recruiters cannot hire great talent without timely feedback from the hiring manager. The iCIMS Mobile Hiring Manager app places the hiring process in the hands of hiring managers, wherever they are. With this easy-to-use iOS app, hiring managers have on-the-go flexibility to conveniently manage open jobs, process offer approvals, as well as view and take action on the candidates in consideration for their open jobs.



iEndorseU                                                                                                                                           Booth No. 1246NN

iEndorseU is designed to change the recruitment industry. Built from more than 25 years of recruiting experience, it is not just an algorithm. iEndorseU uses real professionals to actively endorse and refer deep passive candidates in their own domain. Candidates are then vetted by a team of more than 100 recruiters before presentation to the client. Only the most equipped, qualified candidates are submitted to clients. iEndorseU is available on the web, iOS and Android.


Indeed                                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 1305

Indeed will showcase Indeed Prime, an elite talent platform that reduces hiring managers’ time-to-fill for high-impact technical roles. With Indeed Prime, employers can access a curated pool of top performers identified through coding skills, education and work experience. These pre-qualified and motivated job seekers have a 90 percent response rate. Indeed Prime is now available in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, New York and London.


Jobsoid                                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 1246Y

Anytime, anywhere access of recruiting data is available now with Jobsoid Recruiter Mobile App. Bringing the entire recruitment funnel to recruiters’ fingertips, this app is a solid companion for the modern recruiter. Recruiters can share notes, emails, tasks and reviews, collaborating in real-time even when on the move. With the same intuitiveness of Jobsoid ATS, this user-friendly app makes 24x7 recruitment possible. The app is available now on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Knolskape                                                                                                                                           Booth No. 1958

Knolskape introduces AktivLearn Mobile, which has been built from the ground up to support micro learning, gamification and social. It aims to change the way people learn. AktivLearn ensures that employees learn better, stay motivated and have fun with a great list of features, including: bite-sized learning, gamification with rewards, in-built social features, offline compatibility, additional features like reminders and notifications, and rich analytics.


Koantic                                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 2459

Koantic is a drag and drop eLearning authoring tool that lets companies create stunning eLearning courses with interactive videos. By eliminating the need for external video editing software, Koantic makes building interactive eLearning courses with video more accessible to content creators. Koantic also provides collaboration tools, a mobile friendly preview, quizzes and a powerful theming engine that can be assembled in one screen, so multiple windows are not necessary to build a course.


LinkUp                                                                                                                                                  Booth No. 1757

LinkUp has developed a web-based application that allows staffing and recruiting firms to leverage data from 25,000 company websites to identify employers that are hiring. Within one application, recruiters and sales leaders can prioritize, customize and streamline their research process to identify high quality, targeted leads. LinkUp’s Job Data Engine app has sophisticated and customizable search and filter functionality that includes industry, job type, duration, location, company name and ATS.


MBO Partners                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 2802

MBO Partners, the provider of the nation’s only complete business operating system for independent workers, announces a major update to its preferred talent network and direct sourcing product, MBO Connect™ 2.0. Enhancements include a new user interface, natural language resume parsing, expanded notifications and more. Users enjoy dramatically simplified workflows to curate talent and match them with requisitions through automation.


Mercer                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 2515

Mercer, a global consulting leader in advancing health, wealth and careers, will unveil its new research and insight platform, Mercer Select IntelligenceSM. Rather than hunting for information, senior HR leaders now have a single, easy to navigate, 24/7, mobile-first destination that helps them spot trends quickly and make more informed decisions. Content covers all aspects of HR, from benefits and talent to regulatory and economic trends. Mercer Select Intelligence brings insights today to impact tomorrow.


MightyRecruiter                                                                                                                               Booth No. 412

MightyRecruiter is a new solution that arms employers with the tools to source and recruit candidates more effectively. Designed to solve recruiters’ biggest challenges, MightyRecruiter provides a simple platform for promoting jobs, creating employer-branded career sites and managing the entire candidate experience. As a result, employers can market job opportunities to unique and engaged job seekers, and source and hire the best candidates faster than the competition.


Montage                                                                                                                                             Booth No. 641

Montage will announce Smart Scheduler, which is designed for enterprise recruiting teams to manage hiring complexities like panel interviews, team interviews, and multiple candidate tiers and interviewer roles. The Smart Scheduler lets recruiters simply input basic criteria (required participants, interview length, candidate reminders) and then uses advanced logic algorithms to publish time slots that meet all parameters. Candidates select the option that works best for them and all calendars update in real time.


MOVE Guides                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 2648

MOVE Guides will reveal an enhanced UI for its industry-first instant cost estimate engine for global relocations and expatriate assignments. Businesses can now accurately project end-to-end costs, including living adjustments, travel, taxation, FX exposure and vendor services, such as shipping and real estate – all based on the employee’s own policy. The result is greater transparency into not just the costs associated with a move, but a detailed breakdown of exactly what they’re paying for.


MyJobHelper.com                                                                                                                           Booth No. 2355

MyJobHelper.com’s new JobStream™ product allows employers to advertise their open jobs through video. Job seekers spend 5.3 times more time on a job opening with video, and apply rates increase up to 50 percent. Video also best communicates an organization’s recruitment brand and culture. MyJobHelper.com adds a recruitment video at no extra charge. If a company has multiple videos, the big data-based proprietary technology is used to determine which video increases apply rates the most.


NOVATime Technology                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 1648

NOVApower Analytics is NOVAtime’s business intelligence tool, allowing managers to transform years of day-to-day labor data into valuable business analytics to help them control labor costs and proactively manage their workforce. Customers have easy access to prebuilt analytical template reports and charts without incurring expensive development costs.



October Three Consulting                                                                                                            Booth No. 1819

October Three is enhancing its pension administration system, the Daily PlatformSM, by introducing paperless online retirement. Deciding when to retire is a complex and time consuming process. Once the decision has been made, workers are often burdened and overwhelmed with a lengthy paperwork process. This enhancement simplifies that process for participants through online retirement elections and instructional videos that help guide pension participants to the best selections for them.


Online Rewards                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1059

MyPointRewards is a customizable rewards solution that allows companies to effortlessly distribute points to employees, based on predetermined actions. Employees can use their points to shop for exciting rewards in an online catalog. MyPointRewards provides access to one of the world’s largest reward catalogs, a dynamic interface with content editing tools, simple to use admin tools, comprehensive reporting dashboards, customizable communication tools and more.


Papaya Global                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 1246E

Papaya Global introduces faster, flexible workforce solutions that make global expansion an easier task – with a single platform. By using technology to connect companies directly with worldwide verified suppliers, Papaya provides on-demand teams, enabling companies to rapidly scale, grow and expand. From onboarding to finance control, the company’s experts help organizations manage everything on a single platform, without third-party markups, hidden costs or compliance risks.


Pay Compliment                                                                                                                               Booth No. 1246EE

Pay Compliment launches Feedback FLOWS. Alongside the innovation of Feedback ID’s™, FLOWS provide control over how employee and customer feedback is collected, shared and analyzed. Beyond passive feedback, surveys, continual and scheduled feedback, FLOWS enable additional scenarios such as blind feedback, video analysis by expert reviewers and collation of en masse crowdsourced feedback. With the introduction of FLOWS, Pay Compliment has bolstered its position as the lifelong platform to manage all of a company’s feedback.


Perceptyx                                                                                                                                           Booth No. 1243

Perceptyx is enabling thousands of employee comments that are written in dozens of languages globally to be viewed in English, the same day they are written, for free. Perceptyx, Inc. is now providing its employee survey clients with built-in machine translation for all non-English comments collected in any survey Perceptyx provides. With more than 65 languages supported, users can generate English-based word clouds, reports and thematic searches at the push of a button.


Pilat                                                                                                                                                       Booth No. 2335

Career Conversations is a new, vital addition to the Pilat suite of functionality, providing a platform and solution whereby employees and managers can have quality conversations throughout the year. Capable of being conducted within the Pilat Performance or Talent modules, Career Conversations can be initiated by managers or employees to provide guidance against specific goals, corporate initiatives or development skills, helping to offer feedback and direction to support employee development in advance of formal reviews.



Plenarium                                                                                                                                           Booth No. 1246L

Plenarium and Peopleassessments introduced the Tech Sales Toolset on September 20. During the HR Tech Conference, the companies will share the research proving this toolset can double tech sales hiring accuracy, delivering 10X increases in life-cycle sales/hire. Plenarium will discuss the increase in average annual sales/hire employers receive from the toolset, and the warranty that comes with the forecast.


Polar                                                                                                                                                      Booth No. 336

Polar M200 is a waterproof running watch that measures heart rate from the wrist. It features integrated GPS, 24/7 activity tracking and Polar Smart Coaching features for personalized guidance and feedback. Employees also can keep track of their daily activity, sleep, calories burned and training sessions on the Polar Flow App and web service. It keeps them motivated by providing feedback about their latest training session and overall activity.


Pomato                                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1246S

Pomato is software designed for recruiters to hire IT candidates faster, efficiently and accurately. With built-in A.I. and machine learning, Pomato matches candidates to job descriptions by performing more than 200,000 computations on resumes in seconds. Visual graphs are created so all recruiters can understand the importance of the skills and capabilities on a resume. A powerful assessment module to validate technical expertise and to create precise IT job descriptions is included.


PSI Services                                                                                                                                        Booth No. 2236

PSI True-to-LifeTM Assessments are now available for manufacturing, distribution and leadership roles. The video-based assessments immerse candidates in the challenges they will encounter in a new role within a company. They get to see what the job is really like and determine whether it is right for them. Employers get to see whether the candidate will excel in a role with their company – before they hire them.


PTO Exchange                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 1246G

Each year, 429 million PTO days are forfeited, equaling $84 billion of lost time for today’s workers. PTO Exchange thus launched the first-ever SaaS platform that gives employees the ability to exchange and self-direct their unused PTO time into goods, services and experiences – from vacations to 401(k), student loans and donations. The elegant solution allows employers to offer an innovative benefits package to attract and retain top talent while reducing liabilities on financial statements.


Quantified Habits                                                                                                                             Booth No. 1246HH

Quantified Habits, a worksite wellness startup, is launching the Project Move Hotspot, a Bluetooth sensor that inspires healthy habits at work  by nudging users to consider making the healthy choice at the right place and time. For instance, it will remind employees of the benefits of drinking water as they walk by the water cooler, or help them choose a healthy snack as they walk up to a vending machine.


Recrouter                                                                                                                                            Booth No. 1246BB

Recrouter announces the launch of Recrouter.com 2.0, a next generation hiring and applicant tracking system. With a beautiful design, revamped workflow and numerous in-built integrations, Recrouter.com delivers a complete and intuitive user experience. Recrouter.com is the only free hiring system of its kind, helping employers and staffing agencies reduce hiring costs by up to 30 percent.


Recruitics                                                                                                                                             Booth No. 545
Recruitics, a leading provider of recruitment marketing solutions, announces the addition of Job Slot Optimization to its recruitment advertising analytics and automation platform, Recruitics Action™. This new feature helps businesses use rules to more easily manage their job slots on industry-leading vendors. Job Slot Optimization users can limit wasted spend and save time by helping them more efficiently utilize purchased slots – similar to the value Recruitics already provides to companies advertising jobs on performance-based sites.


Reflektive                                                                                                                                           Booth No. 1654

Reflektive Check-In enables companies to replace the annual performance review with an agile performance management system, which includes customizable modules for developmental, evaluative, process-oriented and goal-based (OKR, S.M.A.R.T. Goal, company-specific goal) feedback on a monthly or quarterly basis. Check-In integrates with Reflektive’s award-winning suite of modern performance management solutions and third-party HRIS and collaboration apps.


Reppify                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1952

Reppify is pleased to add Reppify Retain, the first of its kind predictive retention tool, to its leading Referral product solutions. High employee turnover costs time and money. The turnover of a single employee is approximately 1.5 to 2 times the annual salary. Reppify Retain uses Reppify’s proprietary algorithm to predict when key employees are ready to leave, so companies can (re)build key relationships and keep their best employees.


Rewardian                                                                                                                                          Booth No. 1955

Rewardian is pleased to announce its enterprise-level recognition solution for small to mid-sized businesses. This easy-to-use, contract-free employee engagement platform gives owners, managers and peers the opportunity to recognize, track and reward their teams with just a few clicks. No sign up costs, no support fees and no IT integration are required. Rewardian’s platform allows organizations to positively influence attitudes with simple, real-time point delivery, easy program set up, and nearly limitless award choices.


Saba Software                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 1927

Saba Pulse 360, an integrated part of the Saba Cloud intelligent talent management solution, connects the dots between talent management programs and business performance. Through real-time feedback, analysis and identification, it enables talent leaders to: continuously assess employee and organizational performance; gain instant insight into hot zones and problem areas; take action to prescribe and tune talent programs; and measure impact on individual and business performance and engagement.


SmartRecruiters                                                                                                                               Booth No. 1636

SmartRecruiters, the modern enterprise applicant tracking system, has announced its fall 2016 product release. Containing more than 30 features requested by customers, the release delivers for the first time: a field recruiting application that is seamlessly integrated into an applicant tracking platform; the extension of digital recruitment marketing into field environments using the power of mobile devices; and more granular reporting for candidate quality, quantity and ROI – across individual events, campaigns and job boards.


SmashFly                                                                                                                                             Booth No. 1240

SmashFly’s new “Events” solution integrates with its Total Recruitment Marketing Platform, making it easy for recruiting teams to better capture, manage, communicate and nurture relationships with candidates and internal volunteers with whom they have engaged at events. The solution offers the tools and capabilities needed to execute and measure an enterprise’s many recruitment marketing strategies – from campus to corporate hiring to referrals to initiative-based hiring (diversity, military, etc.) to executive hiring – from a single platform.


Soothe                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 757

Soothe, the largest and fastest growing on-demand massage company, announces Soothe at Work, a subscription service offering companies of all sizes weekly, bi-weekly and monthly in-office chair massages. Soothe at Work is designed to provide every employee with an in-office chair massage for 10 to 15 minutes. In-office chair massages start at $25 per employee and aim to alleviate areas of the back that ache as a result of sitting at a desk all day.


Sovren Group                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 1149

Sovren announces Sovren Artificial Intelligence Matching (Sovren AIM). Sovren AIM is a scalable, tunable, accurate and sophisticated 360-degree profile matching engine available for the recruitment industry. Sovren AIM provides unprecedented insight into how and why matches are scored and reported, and allows infinite configurability per transaction. Currently in beta at a large customer, Sovren AIM is expected to ship in late 2016.


SpiraLinks                                                                                                                                            Booth No. 2811

SpiraLinks FocalReview reveals a new look and exciting additional features. FocalReview’s new user interface combines high style with new features that are pleasing early reviewers. The new features include: client-configurable eligibility rules; client-defined award and equity types; client-configurable employee statements/letters; and streamlined ad hoc reporting and analytics. This new functionality complements SpiraLinks’ existing multi-lingual, multi-currency and highly configurable application.


SyncHR                                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 2435

SyncHR introduces the latest release of the SyncHR automated HCM platform, Pikes Peak. The enhancements deliver expanded flexibility for payroll processing, ACA reporting and partner integrations. SyncHR’s patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM for mid-market organizations. It provides critical advantages not found in traditional systems by automating HR, benefits and payroll processes, balancing the distribution of work, and centralizing data to ensure accuracy at all times.


Talent App Store                                                                                                                              Booth No. 1246J

Talent App Store is an open integration platform, connecting HR SaaS microservices in the cloud. For customers, it means choice and instant, on-demand installation of pre-connected HR applications, marking the end of costly, time consuming integrations. For developers, it offers a secure, multi-tenant user identity and RESTful API layer, managing authentication, encryption and communications between the developer’s application and others. Developed and supported by Aotal Ltd., the Talent App Store launches Q4 2016.



TalentFirst                                                                                                                                           Booth No. 936

TalentFirst will unveil the new TalentFirst platform, a cloud-based, mobile-first suite of solutions enabling employers to provide their teams with consistent, timely and honest feedback that translates into high-impact performance. Available in 18 languages, this comprehensive platform changes the way organizations manage talent, helping to deliver regular, ongoing coaching, engage employees often and meaningfully, and enhance training and collaboration to continuously drive employee growth and development.


TalentGuard                                                                                                                                       Booth No. 2446

TalentGuard’s robust talent management suite meets a sleek new user experience that aims to change the way that companies manage their workforce. TalentGuard will unveil a stunning new user interface that focuses on one-click navigation, a user-friendly experience and a fresh, modern design. With easy-to-use and engaging features, HR and employees will never have to dread another talent management program. Companies can change the way they think about talent management with TalentGuard.


TalentQuest                                                                                                                                       Booth No. 1216

TalentQuest announces new, immersive learning and assessment solutions via the company’s acquisition of Purpleframe Technologies. The custom, award-winning solutions include eLearning modules, virtual reality experiences, interactive educational games and simulation-based assessments. These innovative assessment and training products allow people to be trained in a risk-free environment and enable clients to enter the new age of testing and learning – mobile, quick, engaging and immersive.


Technomedia                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 315

Technomedia recently launched a new, cloud-based solution called PeopleVision. PeopleVision aggregates data from disparate employee systems along with market and industry trend data and presents it in a mobile optimized, intuitive interface for Human Resource professionals, managers and employees. HR and managers can use the information to quickly review key employee and team demographics, trends and KPIs. Employees can use PeopleVision to access personal information, vacation days and training programs offered by the company.


Terryberry                                                                                                                                          Booth No. 2646

Organizations can engage and motivate their top performers, plus ignite the potential in the rest of their team with Terryberry’s new Honoring Performance recognition programs. These recognition programs are ideal for sales incentives, safety awards and production achievements. Terryberry can help identify the measurable contributions that positively impact a business, and develop a performance recognition program that drives continuous improvement year after year.


TextRecruit                                                                                                                                         Booth No. 1246X

TextHR is a cloud-based platform that helps HR teams engage employees with text messaging. Employees can be added to TextHR through a CSV file upload or HRMS integration. Messages can be scheduled in advance and personalized using mail merge to maximize responsiveness. The dashboard gives detailed analytics of campaign performance and the ability to track response rates over time. Primary use cases include coordinating employee onboarding, scheduling training, open enrollment notifications, emergency preparedness and more.



The Predictive Index                                                                                                                      Booth No. 1136

The Predictive Index Assessment Software has been completely redesigned to allow companies to easily define behavioral job requirements, assess candidate and employee behaviors, and instantly see how they match up – on any device. PI Insights – a portfolio of detailed reports – helps organizations leverage PI across the hire to retire lifecycle. Robust integration functionality is also made available with open REST APIs and custom assessment links so businesses can integrate into any HR system and workflow.


The Workforce Genome Project                                                                                               Booth No. 1246FF

The Workforce Genome Project LLC, a creator of predictive analytics solutions for talent management, is launching its first product, The Salesforce Genome. The Salesforce Genome identifies the optimal performance improvement and support needs for each member of a sales team – in the context of their actual sales performance and competencies. It provides the insight for organizations to move beyond wasteful and ineffective one-size-fits-all approaches to learning, engagement, incentives and recognition. No system integrations are required.


TMP Worldwide                                                                                                                               Booth No. 922

TalentBrew’s targeting flexibility is further enhanced to leverage what is known about the user and the job listing itself. Creative messaging, recommended job listings, related content and more can be delivered based on candidate location, browsing history and elements of the job requisition beyond the standard category and location – such as company division, brand, full-time/part-time designation or salaried/hourly. The end result is unique candidate experiences tailored specifically to target markets.


Training Orchestra                                                                                                                           Booth No. 2057

Training Orchestra offers an all-in-one toolbox for training providers to enhance their visibility and provide quality training for corporate HR departments and individuals. Website, marketing and back office is provided by a combination of the internet marketing expertise of TrainUp.com and the power of the Training Orchestra Training Management System. Designed as an affordable and effective turnkey solution, training providers are able to manage their entire administrative and sales processes while delivering more training.


Udemy for Business                                                                                                                       Booth No. 2048

Udemy for Business announces updates to its Analytics Dashboards to make it easier for HR professionals to understand learner engagement and gain new insights into how people in their organizations are learning. The release makes data analytics more actionable and accessible with additional reporting features and filters. It also focuses on key factors that influence learner engagement, such as which courses employees consume most and why.


Unemployment Tracker                                                                                                                Booth No. 2642

Unemployment Tracker is a new, cloud-based application that gives employers an in-house solution to their unemployment insurance challenges. Using flags, reminders and powerful reporting, Unemployment Tracker helps users eliminate the errors and missed deadlines that are root causes of overcharges to UI accounts. With the ability to import claims and charge statements from any state, and through integrations with UI SIDES (and API connections to client HR software), UI management is easier than ever.



Venga Global                                                                                                                                     Booth No. 1847

Venga Gateway Connect for Adobe Experience Manager is Venga’s latest integration solution for a fast, efficient and error-free website translation process. With one simple installation, organizations can eliminate copy and paste and error-prone email transfers. This integration gives companies full access to Venga’s suite of resources, including a network of qualified linguists and subject matter experts, knowledge management tools and assets, and the Gateway Portal, customized to solve unique project and budget tracking needs.


Viperks                                                                                                                                                   Booth No. 1246LL

Viperks helps organizations recognize employees with an employee-only, online shopping platform that offers real discounts. It is an easy way to remind employees why they love working for their employer. Launching on October 3, 2016, the new viperks 3.0 platform is designed to provide employees with a faster, better user experience and more shopping categories for them to navigate through. Viperks offers real discounts, turnkey technology and smiling employees.


Virgin Pulse                                                                                                                                          Booth No. 1748

Virgin Pulse will showcase the latest Virgin Pulse Hub, a dynamic employee engagement and communications portal that connects employees with relevant HR, talent management, and benefits tools and programs through a single user interface. The Hub’s powerful segmentation, micro-targeting, analytics and communications capabilities allow employers to personalize and proactively push relevant information to employees. The Hub increases program awareness and utilization while reducing administrative burdens associated with managing, deploying and marketing HR programs and benefits.


Virtual Incentives                                                                                                                               Booth No. 550

Virtual Incentives (VI), an industry pioneer in digital reward fulfillment for leading global brands, recently launched its “VI Now” reward management system. The system, which allows client management of rewards programs, features an elegant, consumer-like interface designed for enterprise customers. VI Now provides scalable control over every step of the rewarding process and is customizable to accommodate client needs from the inside out – matching up with internal processes to help meet overall goals.


VISANOW                                                                                                                                             Booth No. 1843

The immigration system is frustrating, confusing, stressful and inefficient. VISANOW 3.0 is the next generation of immigration management technology that allows employers to manage their international workforce from one intuitive online platform. Its features include a smart, adaptive questionnaire for an efficient visa application process; simple collaboration and communication between HR, employee and attorney; and organization tools for easy management of employees, expirations and deadlines. No more spreadsheets, email chains, faxes or snail mail.


Visier                                                                                                                                                       Booth No. 931

Visier Talent Acquisition is an analytics solution that makes it easy for leaders to answer critical talent acquisition questions with confidence. By connecting ATS data with talent management, core HR and workforce data from the entire employee lifecycle, Visier allows leaders to increase quality hires that will become long-term high performers, improve and predict speed of hire, and discover which recruiting sources, programs and decisions have the biggest business impact.


ViziRecruiter                                                                                                                                        Booth No. 1246H

The 2016 launch of ViziRecruiter makes it easier to create visually compelling job descriptions. This new entry into the HR tech space helps companies and recruiters transform text-heavy job descriptions into customizable landing pages called Vizis. A Vizi is created by simply cutting and pasting an existing job description into ViziRecruiter’s SaaS platform. The advanced technology powering ViziRecruiter automatically, and within minutes, creates a visual job post complete with images, icons and visual calls-to-action.


Vohtr                                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 2445

Vohtr announces the launch of its easy-to-use, real-time employee feedback system, available through kiosks placed strategically on location or via mobile app. This enables on-site and remote employees to equally share their opinions each day, contributing to an open environment in which employees are heard and improvements can be made on a daily basis. The result: employers receive immediate feedback on critical issues, while fostering a more engaged and productive workforce.


WalkMe                                                                                                                                               Booth No. 448

WalkMe Inc. is announcing the launch of WalkMe Insights, a new state of the art analytics and BI solution. Designed specifically for the business user, WalkMe Insights’ simple interface does not require coding. With it, businesses can now track user interactions with their web and mobile application to generate actionable insights that will empower them to simplify the use of their organizational HR software and accelerate training time by 15 to 121 percent.


WayUp                                                                                                                                                 Booth No. 318

WayUp is the largest digital solution for employers to engage and recruit millennial talent. The company just launched a new feature that benefits its users on both sides of the marketplace: a full-service messenger where businesses and applicants can communicate freely and effectively at all stages of the hiring process in one central location. Large employers like Capital One, Google, Disney, Starbucks and Viacom can now seamlessly connect with candidates via web, text and email.


WCN Campus                                                                                                                                    Booth No. 435

WCN Campus announces new functionality to rapidly reduce the speed to hire. Big data and predictive analytics instantly identify must-interview candidates – not only improving diversity and removing human bias but accelerating and improving the process of finding, assessing and hiring emerging talent. The Talent Engagement Engine offers an exceptionally engaging solution to accelerate and improve the entire recruiting process, creating more meaningful and transparent experiences. The two combined deliver greater campus recruiting velocity and results.


WePow                                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 1841

WePow will showcase the latest addition to its video interviewing platform, the WePow Scheduler. The WePow Scheduler allows recruiters to coordinate live video interviews with hiring managers and candidates without leaving the platform. Recruiters can see the availability of team members, simplifying the task of scheduling. This new launch continues WePow’s commitment to boosting the productivity of hiring teams.



Willis Towers Watson                                                                                                                     Booth No. 622

Willis Towers Watson will launch its new Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software at this year’s show. Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software provides a single, personalized resource to help employees understand their programs, opportunities and rewards, while giving HR critical insights and tools for sustained engagement and operational efficiency. The company also will share its latest developments in Willis Towers Watson HR Software, including employee engagement, talent management and compensation.


Wonolo                                                                                                                                                Booth No. 2626

By bringing a LinkedIn-like experience to frontline work, Wonolo’s new public-facing profiles feature is changing how the growing on-demand workforce shares their qualifications with companies. With Wonolo Profiles, on-demand economy workers can highlight skills, experience and completed work, helping any company find the best talent and providing workers who have made a career out of the on-demand economy with a platform to help them better market themselves and advance their careers.


Zugata                                                                                                                                                  Booth No. 446

Zugata focuses performance management on continuous feedback and employee development to promote a culture of shared success, learning and empowerment. Employees receive feedback from the people they work with the most. Zugata is the only vendor to leverage feedback data to offer personalized development resources that empower employees to develop and reach their potential. With its newest product release, Zugata makes it easy for employees to share their development progress with their managers.


Additional details about the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition® are available at www.HRTechConference.com or by calling toll-free 1-800-727-1227.


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