Averbook: Coronavirus is ‘biggest opportunity in our careers’

Mar 26, 2020 1:20:23 PM / by Select HR Tech

Jason Averbook frequently asks HR leaders what year it feels like inside their companies — and most typically give a year sometime in the last two decades. That divide has become even more apparent with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now, the outside of work and the inside of work have meshed together,” he said about the overnight impact of the health crisis on employers, who have had to quickly start considering issues like virtual onboarding, successful remote-work structures and the employee experience of a distributed workforce. “This is a massive opportunity for us to skip years of stuff we did that didn’t actually feel like how life truly was outside of work.”

10 Guideposts to Use For Today’s Challenges to Create Tomorrow’s Success

In a webinar in partnership with Human Resource Executive, Jason outlined 10 guideposts HR leaders can look to in order to reprioritize their 2020 goals in light of our current crisis. See the 10 Guideposts here.


About Jason

Jason Averbook, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, will deliver the Opening Keynote for the inaugural Select HR Tech conference. Author of The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience — Leap for a Purpose, Jason seeks to broaden executive mindset to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services that exceed the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business.



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