3 Big Ideas from a Top 100 HR Tech Influencer

Jun 29, 2020 12:32:30 PM / by Human Resource Executive

John Sumser, founder and principal analyst for HRExaminer, has witnessed change in the HR-technology realm that puts him among the pantheon of advisors and observers.

But he’ll be the first to admit that nothing could have prepared him for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on HR, including on executives and decision-makers who are representing employers of all stripes, sizes and industry sectors.

An engineer by training, Sumser has worked an array of jobs. He sold doughnuts door-to door, dug ditches and helped build railroads. He also served as a corporate executive (CEO included), a director and editor. As his true calling, Sumser has worked as an independent analyst covering HR technology and the intersection of people, tech and work.

Despite all of that experience, he never dreamt the HR-tech vendor community and the employers they serve would ever face the crushing duality of trying to keep employees’ lives safe while battling an economic crash that could lead to the next major recession, if not an outright depression.

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