2015: An Exciting Time for HR Technology

Jul 20, 2015 9:02:28 AM / by Steve Boese

First off, let me also say “Welcome” to the HR Technology Conference’s HR Tech Insiders Blog! I am really pleased that you have stopped by and hope you will subscribe to our new blog to be sure to not miss all the best in HR technology news, insights and commentary. It is a tremendously exciting time for the HR technology industry, and we hope to share the kinds of posts that will help HR, IT, and business leaders make sense of this dynamic and constantly evolving space.

From my vantage point as Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, I have the unique and fun opportunity to review all types of HR tech solutions, speak with product development leaders at most of the industry’s leading solution providers, meet and speak with numerous HR and IT leaders from the world’s best organizations about their HR technology projects, and perhaps the most enjoyable thing of all - see demos and talk with many of the founders and entrepreneurs in the HR tech industry’s thriving startup scene. It goes without saying that technology has never been more important as a critical component of achieving both Human Resources and overall organizational success.

There is a popular saying in Silicon Valley that goes something like “Today, every company is a tech company”, the idea being that no matter the industry or the types of products or services that a company offers, that technology is at the center of their business, and effective use of technology is a critical success factor for every organization. I think that there is plenty of truth to that statement, and additionally, there is a high degree of applicability in the modern Human Resource function. It is hard to imagine almost any HR or Talent Management function that has not been significantly transformed by technology in the last 10-15 years.

Those of us who have been in the HR technology industry for a while now might be able to remember how excited we once were at the advent of things like automated performance appraisals, an annual benefits enrollment process carried out online, instead of with a pile of papers, or some newfangled idea of something called “employee self-service”. And there are plenty more examples like that. The point is that the HR technology industry can claim what is now quite literally a decades-long history of innovation and achievement - and which there are no signs of any kind of innovation slowdown on the horizon.

In 2015 we are and will continue to talk about newer technologies and ideas no doubt - things like predictive analytics, mobile and social recruiting, technology-powered methods to define, measure, and reinforce culture - and probably a slew of even newer concepts that will emerge from these ideas. While the specifics of what is defined as “leading edge” have changed, what has remained true is that this next wave of new HR technology solutions will continue this industry’s proud heritage and make HR technology the most exciting enterprise technology arena for many years to come.

So you can tell I am excited about HR technology, this industry, and of course our industry’s leading and largest event, the HR Technology Conference. And I hope you share my excitement about our new HR Tech Insiders blog as well, which we hope will become one of your “go-to” resources for news, information, and insights on this amazing industry.

Thanks for stopping by!

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