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Jul 14, 2015 2:45:17 PM / by HR Tech

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the HR Technology® Conference & Expo -- the world’s leading conference focusing on the business processes and organizational success enabled by technology. Now in its 18th year, HR Tech gathers thousands of professionals from more than 35 countries with attendees coming from as far away as China. This Town Hall meeting of technology professionals offers a robust variety of sessions exploring the latest technology trends, how technology can assist you and your company plus topics ranging from customer success to analytics, engagements and more -- all presented by experts!

As an added resource to build on the knowledge gained at the conference, we've launched the HR Tech Insiders blog. Authored by respected industry authorities, HR Tech Insiders provides our community with dynamic, industry-focused content to continue moving the technology conversation forward. With a side of high energy similar to the conference, the blog is a centralized place for easily accessible technology news and expert commentary.

HR Tech Insiders will give you the best tips, advice and information you need to leverage HR technology to drive your organization’s success. The blog is topic-oriented, so you’ll find updated commentary on variety of issues. Want details on engaging employees? Recruiting? Talent management? HR Tech Expo? Find it all here on Insiders.

Meet our Insiders: https://blog.hrtechnologyconference.com/hrtechinsiders/

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Our goal is to ensure the new Insiders blog is serving your needs and providing you what you want, so please contact us and let us with your feedback along the way. So settle in, take a look around, and share the news about the new Insiders blog with your colleagues and friends.

We look forward to your comments and the future ahead!

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