Tweets from #HRtechConf That Make You Think

Sep 13, 2018 11:58:03 AM / by Chris Russell

The twitter stream four the conference this year is always chock full of interesting views and tactics. I try and jeep any eye on it daily to see whats happening. If you aren't able to attend, the hashtag #HRtechConf is an excellent way of being there virtually.

Here are some of my favorites so far.

If you are an HR tech marketer here's an important stat you need to know.

Laurie Reuttimann speaks the truth.

It's the year of the woman. Let's hope it continues to build momentum.

As a mad scientist I love this idea for an HR Lab!

We need to make the candidate experience more human.

The future of jobs are not yet written.

HR Leaders need to change their mindset.

AI is cool but its not what TA really wants.

Chris Russell

Written by Chris Russell

Chris Russell, whom Joe Stubblebine (CRO at Lensa) describes as “the mad scientist of online recruiting" our firm was founded in 2015. The mad scientist badge is one Chris wears with pride due to his continuous experimentation in the online recruiting space. From new job boards to recruiting apps to popular podcasts, the art of bringing together employer and job seeker is a constant thought inside his head.

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