The Business Value of Diversity & Inclusion and the Role of HR and HR Technology

Jun 15, 2017 5:36:30 PM / by HR Tech

Many organizations contend, and there's a lot of research to support, that diversity of thought, expertise, life experiences, cultural assumptions and more improves not only their decision-making but also the creativity and even speed which helps drive improved business outcomes. And, increasingly, we've learned that organizations work best when that diversity is supported by a culture of inclusion and a work environment which adapts to the needs of a diverse workforce.

Diversity means a lot more than gender and racial representation, and inclusion goes well beyond inviting everyone to the annual holiday party. A panel of Diversity & Inclusion leaders including Naomi Bloom, Michael Krupa, Pat Milligan, and Rita Mitjans will tackle the biggest issues of diversity and inclusion from a business outcomes perspective and then combine their considerable expertise to make practical recommendations for addressing these issues today. The business purpose of both diversity and inclusion, and where modern HR technology enablement can help organizations with these challenges will be discussed.  You'll hear from those leading the charge in their organizations in addressing these top of mind challenges for today’s HR and business leaders at HR Tech 2017. The Mega Session will be held Thursday, October 12, 2017: 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM


Michael Krupa is the Senior Director of Transformational Practices at Cisco


Naomi Bloom is the Managing Partner at Bloom & Wallace


Pat Milligan is the Global Leader of Multinational Client Group at Mercer


Rita Mitjans, is the  Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for ADP

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