HR leaders: Stop paying ‘lip service to gender, racial parity’

Jun 29, 2020 12:27:32 PM / by Human Resource Executive posted in diversity, HR Technology, Women in Technology, HR professionals, Women in HR Tech Summit, workforce diversity, work culture, workplace environment, women in workforce, laurie Ruettimann


Laurie Ruettimann doesn’t mince words.

When asked her outlook on gender parity in corporate leadership, she didn’t sugarcoat things: “I’m not optimistic. According to the World Economic Forum, a woman would have to be born in the year 2255 to get equal pay at work. I’m irritated. How about we speed this up, OK?”

That straight talk will be at the heart of the closing session of Women in HR Tech this fall, as Ruettimann moderates a discussion on the long game of achieving gender parity in leadership ranks, which will feature PlanSource’s Nancy Sansom and Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Tomya Watt. The speakers will discuss the progress and pitfalls of gender equity in the workplace and share their personal experiences climbing the corporate ladder, a journey that, for Ruettimann—a corporate trainer, speaker and author—has taken some interesting turns, which she recently shared with HRE.

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Sustaining engagement with newly remote workers

Mar 24, 2020 10:30:00 AM / by HR Tech posted in HR Technology, Future of Work, Workforce Experience, work culture, workplace environment


Ordinarily, telling employees they must now work from home would be greeted with joy by most. Dispensing with the daily commute and instead opening up a laptop in their favorite chair with perhaps a pet snuggled next to them might feel like a godsend.

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Why Sexual Harassment at Work is a Culture Issue

Jun 24, 2019 3:30:00 PM / by Debbie Shotwell posted in sexual harassment, work culture, workplace environment


When I was 16 years old, I went to work for my dad, a mechanic who owned his own business. His workforce was primarily men, and I immediately noticed the types of conversations his employees had, the suggestive calendars they hung on the walls, and other behaviors that were off-putting – especially to a young woman like myself. But I’ve never been one to back down from what I feel is the right thing to do. I had no qualms in telling them to take down their calendars and watch their language. My dad was surprised that I so easily stood up to them, but he also knew I stood up for what I believed in. He readily backed me up and their behaviors changed.

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