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Nov 5, 2019 4:50:06 PM / by Chris Russell


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With conversion rates for job seekers on company career sites between 10%-20% on average, it might be time to consider leaving out the resume as a requirement to apply for a job. Instead think about something I call “Candidate Lead Generation” as an easier way to attract applicants.

Let’s start with the fact that many types of candidates don’t have a current resume or may not even have a computer to create one. Take truck drivers for example. Truck drivers don’t have resumes. They could potentially make one, but drivers typically don’t sit down at a computer like you and me and create a resume to send to an employer. The same could be said for a host of other candidates like housekeepers, cleaners, waiters, heck even developers may not have a resume handy.

So if that is the case why not move to a short form application. Jason Crowell who runs recruiting for Brady Trucking in Colorado does just that. “This is exactly what we do,'' he told me by email. “A Truck Driver doesn’t see one ad and head to a 10-page DOT job application and fill it out. It’s all about the short form where we capture the bare minimum and then market to our list CRM-style. Many of my ads are one click and the call to action is not “Apply here” it’s more like “More Information” and the form is prefilled with the Driver’s social profile.”

Jason added that the Federal DOT application process is highly regulated and arduous, and applicants have to jump through a lot of hoops just to complete it. But their ATS has something called “IntelliApp” which only needs to be filled out once to apply anywhere. Employers who have this ATS can have access to the Driver’s application with essentially one click.

Texting is also a great way of collecting leads from candidates. Text recruiting software platform based in New York City, provides its clients with a number of ways to shorten the apply process such as short codes for in person events.

These ‘short codes’ are five to six digit numbers that are often paired with keywords for use in text recruiting (ex. ‘Text JOBS to 12345’). Employers can then utilize them on signage at on-campus events. They allow students to register interest in learning more about opportunities, even if they’re not able to speak with a company representative directly.

I’ve seen a number of companies that are also using Facebook lead gen advertising for collecting candidates contact information. Even the Facebook job board only allows people to apply via Facebook...the reason being because it’s the most effective way to apply. They don’t want to redirect the candidate to a lengthy application process on another site.

It’s all about speeding up the candidate experience. They just want to apply quickly and move on. (I wish more ATS vendors would make that a priority when designing them)

Your job as employers is to make applying to your company as painless as possible. So take a cue from the above ideas and get more candidates into your pipeline by not requiring a resume. Just grab their basics and follow up from there to get the rest.

Chris Russell is the Managing Director of RecTech Media, a recruiting technology advisory firm based in Connecticut. Follow him on Twitter @chrisrussell or connect with him on LinkedIn.



Chris Russell

Written by Chris Russell

Chris Russell, whom Joe Stubblebine (CRO at Lensa) describes as “the mad scientist of online recruiting" our firm was founded in 2015. The mad scientist badge is one Chris wears with pride due to his continuous experimentation in the online recruiting space. From new job boards to recruiting apps to popular podcasts, the art of bringing together employer and job seeker is a constant thought inside his head.

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