Recruiting Future Podcast: Evolution and Revolution w/ Gerry Crispin

Jul 30, 2018 1:29:14 PM / by HR Tech


Recruiting Future Podcast

The pace of change in recruiting always makes an interesting topic for debate. For some, it is way too slow, but at the same time, it is still too fast for many others to keep up with.

If you took a proper helicopter view though, just how much have the fundamentals of recruiting changed in the last few decades. Are we now experiencing a revolution that is taking us to something radically different or is it just an evolution of what has gone before?

Who better to help Recruiting Future host, Matt Alder answer these questions than recruiting industry legend Gerry Crispin. Gerry has been a lifelong student of recruiting, with five decades of experience to draw on. As you would expect he has many great insights to share

In the interview they discuss:

• The most significant changes Gerry has seen in recruiting

• The growing recognition of candidate well being and why this is happening

• What the real trends in recruiting are

• The dangers of silver bullet solutions

• Talent Acquisition leaders taking control of their strategic vision

• The potential impact of recruiting automation

Gerry also shares some details of the panel he is hosting at The HR Technology Conference in Vegas this September. Listen now and tweet your thoughts with hashtag #HRTechConf  or leave a comment!

Ep 139: Evolution and Revolution

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