Orange is the New Black - a look at Quantum Workplace

Oct 17, 2017 6:38:55 PM / by Heather Kinzie

I love unique colors and, while I am the queen of a boring black/white wardrobe, I have always admired people who wear bright and unique colors, especially at work.

I met Greg Harris about five or so years ago and, at that time, he was wearing bright orange; this is a signature color of his company, Quantum Workplace. This was the year I volunteered for SHRM National and I, too, had been wearing bright orange along with all the other volunteers. Notwithstanding the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon or Frequency Illusion theories, I was naturally drawn to Greg and Quantum.

Over the years, Greg and I have kept in touch but I'm sorry to say I haven't followed his company and how it has grown. I remedied this problem this past week at HR Tech as Greg and his team were in the Expo Hall. I sat down with Phil Haussler, Head of Product Development, this afternoon and he brought me up to speed.

First and foremost, Quantum is still sporting their bright orange! I noticed a few other vendors attempting to "do orange well" but I believe Quantum was doing orange before orange was cool.

Second, this company has expanded its suite of solutions. It started as primarily an employee engagement measurement solution (survey, reporting, and action planning). Then it evolved to include tools that drive continuous performance feedback and recognition. Quantum is now a company offering an all-in-one employee engagement platform including:

  • Annual Surveys
    Quantum's foundational product was its awesome formalized survey tool. Utilizing a plethora of items/questions, Quantum creates a valid and meaningful annual survey.
  • Pulse Surveys
    Instead of waiting for the annual "how are we doing?" survey, Quantum's pulse surveys isolates different workplace events and mileposts such as onboarding or transfer into a new position and solicit specific data from the employee about the experience, areas for improvement or concerns, etc.
  • Recognition
    Quantum enables the manager and peers to provide timely and meaningful recognition to an employee throughout the employment lifecycle.
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
    Quantum's interactive goal setting tool coaches the individual in creating the goal and makes it easy to identify objectives, timelines, etc. It then serves as a reminder/scheduling system for periodic check-ins to better enable the individual's success.
  • Feedback
    Quantum's product allows for 360 degree feedback, upward feedback, peer-to-peer feedback and all in real time. Individuals can interact with the person giving the feedback through the message/comment feature, which oftentimes gives more context and meaning to the feedback. The company can customize their options and determine anonymity or otherwise.
  • One-on-One communication/Feedback Mechanisms
    Quantum's feedback mechanism can be scheduled to ensure regularity, solicited to encourage "top of mind" or "just in time" feedback, or offered on a timeline that is convenient to the user.
  • Exit Surveys
    Quantum flips a traditional exit survey on its head by gathering feedback from both exiting employees and their peers. The result is a snapshot of information that more accurately reflects what was going on with the team, manager or workplace at the time someone decided to voluntarily leave.
  • Analytics
    It should go without saying that analytics is part of any software solution. That being said, Quantum's analytics are pretty valuable. Not only do they easily highlight strengths and weaknesses but they also showcase trends and probability. All users have their dashboards, of sorts, meaning they all have access to how they are doing and/or what they should be focusing on in real time. Moreover, Quantum aggregates data from all of their clients, meaning each client has the ability to look outside of their little box and compare themselves to others.

The above is a highlight of Quantum's software solution, but there's more!

Quantum also has in-house consultants who not only coach managers on how to use the mobile-friendly software but also on what to do with the results. They provide coaching on goal setting, feedback, recognition, communication, and performance management to ensure their clients not only use the tools well but get the most value out of them. In addition, Quantum is happy to work in partnership with a client's trusted advisor or consultant to develop custom action plans and initiatives in response to survey results, trends, etc.

Finally, speaking of partnerships, Quantum works with the client's HCM vendor to integrate its solution with the HCM platform. Anyone having to work within multiple platforms knows that this is a luxury we have easily grown to expect.

If you happened to miss Greg, Phil and Quantum team in the vendor hall, contact them online; I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you all about their product and perhaps even send you something orange!



Heather Kinzie

Written by Heather Kinzie

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