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Aug 29, 2018 6:19:14 PM / by HR Tech

Contributor: Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, HR Tech and Transformation Practice Lead at HR Horizons. Blogger at

As an HR Tech analyst, visiting HR Tech Conference is a gratifying reward. For this first time in Las Vegas, I want to see how the latest innovations are effective and transformative. The HR technology market is a massive expanding space, spanning everything from Talent Marketing Automation to Predictive Retention Analytics. The market dynamics is moved by many factors:

  • Emerging technologies. Multiple and simultaneous technological waves are disrupting the market. Think about Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots or Blockchain. How much are these new technologies effective and mature?


  • Explosion of niche players. Many new suppliers are addressing specific new needs. There is always a solution that can revisit specific processes to increase the employee experience. Which nimble start-up will add value to your HR Tech foundation?


  • Consolidation of the HR Tech market. It is becoming more intense. In the last 4 months UltiPro acquired People Doc, Microsoft bought GhitHub for 7.5 billion, Adecco got training academy General Assembly and Workday added internal mobility solution Rallyteam. Where is marketing going for HR buyers?


  • New boundaries. The HR landscape is expanding with new segments and new capabilities. Look at the Candidate Relation Management solutions, the Learning Experience Platforms, the neuroscience in pre-screening assessments or the virtual career coach. Are we close to creating a new holistic, seamless and integrated talent life cycle?


  • New HR mindset and skillset. The transformed workplace accelerates the need for new HR competencies. Let’s name a few: Inbound Marketing in recruitment; anomalies detection in time management; feedforward in performance management; personalized and contextualized learning; continuous employee listening; virtual assistants for job matching.


  • Workers appetite for modernity in the workplace. Finally, employees and “Giggers” are looking for more than just a Single Sign On on their desktops. They want mobile, automated, social and fluid machines that let them lead instead of repeating no value-added tasks.


The “Netflixisation” and the “Slackisation” of all interfaces have dramatically changed requirements for HR technologies. HR are not just looking for a robust and sophisticated platform for themselves, they are looking for “plasticity”. They want to be able to innovate with a portfolio of hyperconnected solutions. Becoming totally talent centric, HR leaders want also simplicity and a high level of user’s adoption. The coolness effect of a mobile, fluid and engaging design is the hottest factor right now.

What’s next? Probably the invisibility of an HCM connected to your Google Suite and the personalized intelligence based on employees’ behaviors and cognitive preferences.

Let see what more than 450 HR Tech solutions providers will be offering to us in Las Vegas.


About the Author: Jean-Baptiste advises and guides large and medium-sized organizations in the planning, evaluation, selection, tailoring and deployment of world-class HR, Payroll and Talent technologies. He consults with organizations to attract talents with marketing, technologies and behavioral sciences. 

Continuously curating the latest innovations in the HR fast pace environment, he shares his thoughts weekly in his blog and in different medias in Canada and Europe.

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