HR Technology Q & A with Kris Dunn

Sep 26, 2016 2:10:56 PM / by Mary Kaylor

Kris Dunn, partner and CHRO at Kinetix, shares his perspective on HR technology selection and adoption, video recruiting and predictions for the future. 


Q.  What do you want HR professionals to understand about the process of selecting HR software?  What are the key considerations?

Key consideration for HR pros selecting any type of software is to make sure they dig in and understand the configurability of the solution in question.  Can it map to the way you currently work?  Will you have to change the way you work to maximize its potential?  Are you and your organization willing to make those changes?

Q. What are the biggest challenges to employee adoption of new HR technology and what advice would you give to HR professionals to ensure that employee adoption of new HR technology is successful? 

As important as employee adoption is team adoption within HR, especially on the recruiting side of the business.  It’s garbage in, garbage out when it comes to data – if the team doesn’t use the solution, you won’t have the long tail data you need to make strategic decisions.

Q.  What advice do you have for companies that are moving to a mobile responsive design for their recruiting process (career site, applications, communication)?

Mobile should be a part of any solution you buy.  Don’t buy if the solution isn’t mobile responsive – it’s a must.  Be wary of “mobile optimized” vs “mobile responsive”.  You want the later…

Q. Recently, Goldman Sachs replaced campus recruiting with video.  How is video changing the way HR promotes employer brand and recruits new talent?  What advice do you have for HR pros who want to incorporate video into their talent management processes?  

A must is to train your HR Teams and recruiters to use video to meet with candidates/employees.  Most are uncomfortable – if you train on this version of performance art, you’ll look better than your competitors do.

Q. Many organizations are now using cloud-based technology for talent management, recruiting, performance management, workforce planning and analytics. Will there be significant advancements in the future? What’s coming next for HR technology?

The next step is predictive analytics and yes, HR automation.  The tools are gradually going to start making recommendations and automating things we do as HR pros – and it’s going to increasingly create decision automation up the food chain.



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Mary Kaylor

Written by Mary Kaylor

Mary Kaylor is the Public Affairs Lead for the Society for Human Resource Management. She is the Managing Editor of the SHRM Blog and the creator and producer of #Nextchat, a leading global Twitter chat on the HR trends and all things work. Her career in communications spans from technology and workforce management in the telecommunications industry to external affairs and public relations. An HR Technology conference blogger since 2015, you can find her on Twitter at @SHRMKaylor.

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