HR Technology Q & A with Fistful of Talent's Tim Sackett

Oct 9, 2017 6:33:13 AM / by Tim Sackett

If you're coming to the HR Technology Conference and you don't know Fistful of Talent's Tim Sackett, you're missing out on one of the best, grammatically deficient, HR and TA technology writers on the planet!

Tim's official FOT title is "Chief Storyteller" which he gave to himself, much like how he's writing this post about himself. Needless to say, Tim's a unique character in the world of HR blogging!

Tim started blogging at Fistful of Talent nine years ago when the founder of FOT, Kris Dunn, found him lurking, creepily on the internet checking out Kris's original HR blogger site the HR Capitalist. So, you all really have KD to blame for all of this! He gave Tim a platform and he really had no idea it would have all turned out this bad.

Let's ask Tim some questions:

Tim Sackett: Why is the HR Technology Conference your favorite HR conference to attend? 

The Real Tim Sackett: It's mostly the parties and free dinner by vendors. No, I'm just joking (narrator: He is in fact not joking), what I really love about the HR Technology Conference is the Expo! I'm an HR and TA tech nerd! I love this stuff! When you go into the Expo at HR Tech it's a little overwhelming at first. You see so many great technologies you want to add to your own organization. You find all the latest and greatest, and you have the ability to demo and see everything in one place. It's like Christmas for HR Geeks!

TS: For first-time attendees, what is something they shouldn't miss? 

TRTS: What I love that Steve Boese did a couple years ago when he came into co-chair the HR Technology Conference was Steve added in some really new awesome content streams that were new to any HR conference. My favorite and my 'must attend' session is the Discovery the Next Great HR Technology competition that takes place on Tuesday at 3:45pm. Regardless of the winner, it's awesome to be able to see all these great technologies being explained in a condensed format in one hour, then watching some of the top analysts in the space grill them with questions! Oh, and the session on Building the Perfect TA Tech Stack. I hear a really handsome young man is leading that panel!

TS: What is something you're really excited about seeing this year at HR Tech? 

TRTS: The Startup Pavillion is another stop I'll make, multiple times during my time at HR Tech. The startup pavilion allows new companies in HR and TA tech come to HR Tech without having the big expense of putting on a full booth, but still gets them out on the expo floor for everyone to check out. Some of the best HR tech in the world starts right here at the Startup Pavillion.  You have to stop by and see who and what will be over there. Plus, it's a great stop to catch HR micro-celebrities milling around trying to keep on top of an ever-changing industry.

TS: Has it been creepy asking yourself questions for your own self-promotion? 

TRTS: No, I'm fairly used to asking myself questions, and always having the best answer! Seriously, though, I love connecting. You'll find me out on the Expo floor or in the Blogger's Lounge. If you would like to meet come find me. I'm doing a little project for the HR Technology Conference this year called "The 100 Selfies" - with my goal to take 100 different selfies with HR Tech Conference goers. My love of the HR Technology Conference starts and ends with connecting with great minds and learning. Let's do this!

Tim Sackett

Written by Tim Sackett

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