How to Get the Most Out of Your Already Busy Schedule

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We know you have many choices for how you spend your time. When reviewing conferences to attend, looking for a comprehensive agenda that covers a variety of subject matter and professional development opportunities will help maximize your time out of the office. Not to mention the savings on your budget if you only need to attend one versus multiple events!

With dozens of sessions covering multiple topics, some may feel intimidated by these larger events — but don’t!  Events of this caliber, like HR Tech, organize the content into session tracks so that it’s easy for you to identify the sessions that will be most helpful to you as you create your custom ideal learning experience.

Your HR Tech Journey: What You Can Expect in 2019

We’re excited to announce that many new and expanded topics will be addressed at HR Tech 2019 to help you keep pace with the demands of this ever-changing industry. The full agenda (100+ sessions) will be unveiled May 16, but here is a glimpse of just some of the content you can expect: how to understand key shifts in the future of technology landscape, the practical applications of AI, how VR solutions can support HR and how technology can support an environment of continuous learning — plus strategies and technologies that support the total well-being of employees.

Here is your exclusive HR Tech Insiders first look at the 12 all-encompassing Session Tracks planned for this year’s event:


With the continuous advances and increased deployment of technology solutions, HR leaders have never had so much data about their workforces. But gleaning insight from this data to help make better HR and talent decisions can be difficult. You’ll hear how leading organizations are successfully meeting these data challenges with modern approaches to HR Analytics solutions and processes.

Core HR

Being challenged to elevate “core” HR functions (benefits, payroll, workforce planning etc.) into strategic talent advantages? HR leaders from innovative organizations will share how they have leveraged modern technology in fundamental HR functions to drive positive business outcomes and improve employee experience.

Future of Work

How will workplaces and HR change over the next 5 to 10 years? Some of the industry’s leading companies and most influential thinkers will detail what the future of work may look like, how technologies are advancing that future, and how HR leaders can frame and direct their thinking, planning and technology strategy to best prepare for the future.

HR Executive

Gain a deeper understanding of how technology supports HR leaders in meeting their business, talent and HR objectives. You’ll learn insights from HR executives, industry thought leaders and workplace technology experts to better inform your thinking and technology strategies.

HR Transformation

Some of the world’s most progressive organizations are using technology to empower their people for the future while driving business and HR transformation. Gain insights from deep dive case studies of how, where, when and why HR technologies are creating added value, enabling people to do great work, and shaping the workforce and workplace for continued success.

Market Landscape

Making sense of the HR tech marketplace can be a daunting task, as the number, capability and complexity of the HR tech solution landscape grows exponentially larger each year. Industry experts will break it all down and share their insights to help you determine where to focus your time and attention while navigating the HR tech market and the solutions in the HR Tech Expo.

Project Success

Ultimately, HR technology can’t drive business and HR success unless you understand the key elements of project success. Gain insights on how to align your HR tech initiatives for success with proven HR tech project management and execution strategies from leading industry experts.

Research Insights

One of the best means to gain the relevant data you need to support your business recommendations is research from analysts and consultants. Gain insights from some of the brightest as they share their current research on a wide array of topics including types of HCM solutions in the overall market, where companies are currently investing and major trends.

Talent Acquisition

HR tech providers continue creating solutions to help HR and organizations gain an edge in this modern talent marketplace. Hear how some of the world’s most forward-thinking employers have applied the latest HR technology solutions to keep their organizations stocked with the talented employees they need to succeed.

Talent Management

Often confused with core HR and the fundamentals of people processes, true talent management addresses how organizations anticipate and plan to keep employees engaged and challenged throughout the employee life cycle. These sessions will explore how you can successfully improve and develop top talent with a wider talent strategy for your organization.

Technical Success

While the widespread adoption of cloud-based HR tech solutions has to some extent simplified the technical management of HR for organizations, important and sometimes significant technical implementation challenges remain. Leading organizations and industry experts will share their best practices for challenges like data conversion, data security, governance, system integration and more.

Total Well-Being

Wellness initiatives have evolved into a holistic Total Well-Being approach — addressing employees’ emotional, physical, financial and professional needs. These sessions will explore how modern technology is helping organizations achieve their Total Well-Being goals.

Mix and Match Your Sessions

You have the option to mix and match sessions from any of the 12 tracks to completely customize your learning to fit your unique and specific needs. If you’ve already registered, you’ll be prompted to select your session selections in mid-June. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Considering all the work we do to help our attendees get ready before HR Tech, just imagine how awesome it is to attend!

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