Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company - Semi-finalist #7 - Zeal

Aug 14, 2018 5:13:44 PM / by Steve Boese

Name: Zeal's Ava Bot


Product Description:

Zeal provides companies with a suite of unique tools to deliver consistent and accurate metrics of employee morale and company culture. Zeal is the only employee engagement product that focuses on making employee data capture real-time, fast and fun. This drives higher employee participation, greater data integrity, and a faster return to work.

Ava, an entertaining and fully conversational artificial intelligence, conducts scheduled check-ins using specifically worded questions about morale, work relationships, satisfaction and managerial effectiveness. Employees are also free to provide anonymous feedback to Ava at any time.

Who does it help and how?

We believe that to build great company cultures and minimize attrition, we must prioritize employees’ wellbeing and understand what engages them. Managers struggle to find the time to ensure their employees’ happiness. Information is anecdotal and disparate. Zeal provides Talent Management professionals with user-friendly dashboards, real-time data, and detailed analytics from Ava’s check-ins.

With Zeal, HR leaders and company executives make data-driven improvements to their company’s culture and employee experience. Companies using Zeal have a more engaged workforce and positive company culture with higher employee productivity and retention.

Why are you the next great HR tech?

Studies show that companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors in revenue growth, profitability, and shareholder value. Zeal’s unique HR technology drives these outcomes in three ways:

  1. Zeal is the only company using AI to optimize the employee experience. Ava is an entertaining personality who quickly becomes an indispensable member of the HR team. Her ability to engage people in brief conversations ensures high survey response rates and greater data accuracy, enabling managers to implement effective employee satisfaction initiatives.
  2. Zeal is the only company with a completely open question platform. This means managers can survey their employees about any element of their company’s culture. In addition to Zeal’s market-proven core product offering, managers can engage Zeal to survey their employees about other topics important to company culture, such as diversity and harassment.
  3. Ava’s teammate, Artie, reduces one of the greatest sources of employee frustration: understanding benefits. Artie provides employees with real-time information on topics like employee policies, health benefits, and 401(k). Employees can finally get immediate answers without the frustration of searching portals, reams of documentation, or logging help requests with slow responses. HR teams see increased productivity from the dramatic reduction in frequently asked questions.


How Ava engages employees and collects feedback


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