Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company - Semi-finalist #6 - Joyous

Aug 14, 2018 5:13:30 PM / by Steve Boese

Name: Joyous


Describe your product and what it does.

Conversational HR.

With Joyous, all HR processes are delivered in a super-intuitive guided dialog, so workers can do everything in one place. They can ask for leave, swap shifts, answer pulse survey questions, report a hazard (anything HR, really!) in an ongoing conversation with text, photos and video. It’s like using iMessage or WhatsApp, but for HR.

Who does your product help? And how?

Workers. Everywhere.

Joyous is for all workers, whether they’re on the shop floor, in construction, anywhere. Instead of a dozen different HR interfaces to learn, Joyous puts everything in one place, and makes it quick and easy.

Managers and Leaders.

That is just the start... Joyous also gives managers and leaders a live feed of what's happening in their business so they can provide encouragement, ask questions, and engage in conversations. Interactive charts provide further insight into the big issues: filter by team, department, or even sentiment and themes (like leadership).

Why are you the Next Great HR Technology?

Joyous is the Tesla of HR Tech, just without, ummm, Elon.

This is a complete departure, the much anticipated big new play from the founding team of Sonar6. The most important new project going on in HR Tech.

Joyous isn’t just some lazy chatbot. It connects to other systems, it links people and it creates conversations. A worker wants to know how many days vacation they have... Joyous will get that information from the payroll system. If that worker wants next Wednesday off... Joyous will ask their manager. If they want to discuss it... well they can. Conversational HR is the new new.

The first customers have all been under deep secrecy. You’ve got to check out the lo-fi footage in the video, it’s so different. The rumour is that if Joyous are finalists they’ll make their first public appearance, else this stays in closed beta for months more.



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