Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company - Semi-finalist #6 - Best Money Moves

Sep 7, 2017 3:58:00 PM / by Steve Boese

Vendor name: Best Money Moves

Product name: Best Money Moves

Describe your product and what it does:

Best Money Moves is a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that helps employees measure their level of financial stress and then dial it down by using a proprietary algorithm to send relevant content, information, tools and calculators. BMM also has a point-based reward system, contest with cash prizes, budget app, and a deep reservoir of unbiased content, written by award-winning financial journalists. Finally, BMM offers an employer dashboard with real-time feedback revealing how financially stressed the workforce is, what employees are stressed about, usage metrics, a unique financial health metric, and a one-way communication portal. BMM is brandable and customizable.

Who does your product help? And how?

Best Money Moves is designed to help all employees identify the root causes of their financial stress. Because roughly 80% of all employees report having significant financial stress, the fact that BMM can reduce or contain it by sending relevant, unbiased, trusted information, tools, and calculators will positively impact the entire workforce. Real-time feedback for the HR Admin allows the company to plan more relevant lunch and learns and support employees’ in other, more prescriptive ways. We believe that by helping relieve financial pressure employers will see increased retention and productivity, and lower workplace accidents, unexplained absences and healthcare costs/

Why are you the Next Great HR Technology?

Financial Wellness has become the “next great thing” for companies to provide to their employees - and for the best best reasons: A financially stressed workforce has lower rates of retention and productivity, and higher rates of workplace accidents, unexplained absences and healthcare costs. After more than a decade of watching employees engage around health wellness (“Fitbits, anyone?”) employers now realize that just because you measure your steps doesn’t mean you’ve reduced all of the stress you feel.

Anyone who has ever experienced severe financial stress knows that when it hits, it’s tough to focus on anything else. Millennials are consumed by their student loans. Baby Boomers are worried about paying college tuition bills while paying off their own student loans and saving for retirement. Employers who provide a system to relieve financial stress will be the big winners, with a more engaged, productive workforce.

Best Money Moves is built in the cloud, with the latest technology, a beautiful, mobile-first interface, socially engaged, and designed by people who have spent their whole careers helping people make smarter decisions with their money. It’s an effective solution with a great ROI for employers.

Best Money Moves is the Next Great HR Technology.


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