The Next Great HR Tech Company - Semi-finalist #3 - Beamery

Sep 7, 2017 3:57:11 PM / by Steve Boese

Vendor name: Beamery

Product name: Recruitment CRM & Marketing software

Describe your product and what it does:

Beamery enables companies to attract, source and engage world class talent by combining Recruitment CRM and Marketing software in one modern, easy-to-use interface. The platform runs modern recruitment marketing at scale and delivers your desired end-to-end candidate experience.

Based on online behavior and hundreds of different data points for each candidate (anything from application intent, to content viewed, to social information) Beamery builds recruiting funnels and seamlessly executes marketing automation campaigns. Candidates are engaged with targeted landing pages and content, talent pipelines are segmented between new prospects and silver medalists, and recruiters focus on building relationships and process.

Who does your product help and how?

Beamery customers believe recruiting teams should focus on finding, engaging, and hiring candidates, not mastering complex marketing methodologies and data analysis. By combining marketing automation with sophisticated candidate intelligence and tracking, Beamery lets recruiters focus on their core responsibility - building relationships with great talent - while providing an on-brand, personalized experience for candidates across every touchpoint on autopilot. Traditional metrics don’t help teams understand the impact of recruitment marketing, so Beamery provides the reporting that companies need to analyze and improve things like brand engagement, pipeline generation, campaign effectiveness, diversity and the candidate experience.

Why are you the next great HR technology?

The most successful modern brands put the customer first. They obsess over providing a highly tailored online and offline experience and engaging consumers on their terms. The rules of engagement have clearly changed, but recruiting technology hasn’t evolved at the same pace. Candidates expect to receive the same level of personalization, the same experience that they receive from marketing departments, but talent teams weren’t hired to be data scientists or consumer marketers.

Beamery enables companies to take a more relationship-centric approach to recruiting, driving personalized experiences at every level of the candidate journey with sophisticated marketing automation campaigns which provide candidates with the right content for their stage and level of engagement.

Built to integrate seamlessly with existing recruiting technology, Beamery becomes a single source-of-truth for an organization, housing every candidate past, present or future, and helping recruiters leverage every relationship by keeping candidate information relevant and constantly refreshing profiles with new behavioral and professional data. When it comes to attracting and pipelining talent, keeping them engaged, creating a best-in-class candidate experience for anyone that interacts with your brand and getting sophisticated reporting into the entire end-to-end process, Beamery is the new standard.


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