Discovering the Next Great HR Tech Company - Semi-finalist #1 - Papaya Global

Aug 31, 2017 11:58:42 AM / by Steve Boese

Company name: Papaya Global

Product name: Papaya Platform

Describe your product and what it does

Papaya makes it easy for companies to grow rapidly by providing an all-in-one platform to assist organizations striving for global expansion. Managing legal compliance, payroll cycles and budget planning, Papaya’s platform also includes:

  • Salary and benefits benchmarks in target countries.
  • Risk mitigation ensuring labor laws.
  • Keeping manpower within budget.
  • Connectivity and integration to existing HRIS and MVMS with zero integration from customer site.
  • Payroll and workforce solutions through our trusted suppliers network in more 80 countries.

Papaya automates the entire lifecycle by harnessing technologies such as cloud, automation process, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Who does your product help? And how?

Papaya is here to help companies utilizing global workforce on a daily bases or aiming for high global growth expansion. Those most passionate about our solution are entities handling global payroll and benefits, global contingent talent, finance and legal.

The process of hiring employees worldwide is constantly being simplified, however It’s difficult for an organization to understand and follow each local compliance and legislation requirements to the fullest.

Papaya transforms the entire onboarding payroll process, paperwork, spreadsheets, confusion, and non-compliance risk into one automated global expert platform, saving high costs both in time and money.

Why are you the Next Great HR Technology?

Papaya is a game changer.

These days, 40% of companies headcount is considered global and contingent workforce, however 70% of these employers are not fully confident in their knowledge of foreign employment requirements. This creates vast liability and compliance concerns. As a result, hours are spent on paperwork, spreadsheets and phone calls to onboard, pay, and communicate with worldwide workers.

Papaya Globals SaaS platform implements machine learning to model and replace manual tasks,  while keeping vigilant for all global labor regulations. AI processes constantly identify local labor law changes, providing a detailed and accurate picture of these regulations. Papaya's solution creates a fully automated payroll cycle, to assure zero mistakes within the payroll workforce and reduce the monthly involvement to a minimum. The ‘one point of contract - one point of contact’ model allows all contractual hustle and liability aspects to be covered in over 80 countries.

Papaya is the only company that completely automates the bulk of the employer’s ongoing payroll, management, and onboarding processes. By bringing an innovative approach to a traditionally service based domain of global workforce management and payroll, Papaya enables companies to focus on what matters most.




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