Boese: The biggest post-pandemic HR challenges

May 4, 2020 10:59:30 AM / by HR Tech

I’m not sure if it is too early yet to be thinking of the post-pandemic world, the so-called “new normal” or whatever phrase gets coined to describe the changed environment and workplaces that we, collectively, are going to concurrently inherit and create.

Once the innumerable sacrifices made by so many workplace heroes — which are impossible to adequately express or describe here considering their enormity — allow the rest of us to return, rebuild and reinvent work and workplaces, we have to allow that, in many ways, we will be in unfamiliar and uncharted territory. But thinking about the post-pandemic world of work is what I, and I suspect many of you, have been doing — either because business and people challenges demand this kind of forward planning, or it just comforts us to recall just how good things were (or at least seemed to be) for most of our workplaces just a couple of months ago.

But no matter your motivation for considering how the future will play out, I would caution you not to get too nostalgic (if it’s even possible to be nostalgic for early February), lest we become complacent in the expectation that this “new normal” will emerge at all like the “old normal.” I don’t think there is much chance for that at all — at least not for a really long time.

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