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Oct 10, 2017 2:13:14 PM / by Heather Kinzie

The events last week in Las Vegas have weighed heavy on my mind as HRTech begins this morning. Honestly, I am struggling with wrapping my arms around it all. My Lyft driver last night was sincerely "raw" as she talked about how the events unfolded and what has weighed over the hearts and minds of the city's residents since then. I feel guilty, actually, as I sit here drinking my latte and going on with my life as if nothing has happened, but that's another blog for another day, I suppose.

Prior to last week, I only thought a few things about Las Vegas. The unbearably hot weather, gambling, and, believe it or not, boxing. Certainly there are other sports showcased in Sin City but boxing is what sticks out in my mind. I know nothing about boxing, truth be told, although I did take a second look at Oscar De La Hoya one year when I realized he was a pretty handsome man for getting smacked in the face a lot.

I digress, I know nothing about boxing but I do know something about HR and I, like many others, have been both plagued and blessed with HR technology.

HR Tech is an annual “showcase” of HR technology and brings to one forum both the established and emerging leaders in the field. One such leader is the company, Ceridian. Ceridian is a global HCM technology company and a longtime contender at HR Tech. Ceridian’s team will be entering the arena, so to speak, to highlight all its products and offerings but its one-two punch is Dayforce HCM.

Dayforce is a single platform, cloud based solution using one employee record beginning with recruitment and utilizing that record for onboarding, timekeeping, pay, benefit administration, performance management, scheduling and reporting throughout the employment relationship.

ONE record, folks. One!

And everything is in real time.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Sterling, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, to learn a bit more about Dayforce HCM. Ceridian purchased the base product in 2011; at the time, it was a strong time and attendance product. Ceridian then added pay and benefits management to Dayforce’s powerful core. Today, the addition of onboarding, recruitment, performance management, dashboards, compensation and predictive analytics ensures Dayforce remains one of the leading challengers in the HCM industry.

A few years ago, I met some of the “behind the ropes” brains that power Dayforce when I was invited to their annual customer forum, INSIGHTS. In our recent interview, Ms. Sterling told me a little more about what makes them such a dynamic team. First and foremost, many Ceridian programmers have a great amount of loyalty to the leadership of Ceridian. This results in long tenure and critical intuition and historical knowledge about the core programming behind the product. Added to this mix is a group of experienced programmers who come from a diverse HR Tech arena; there are those who once focused on applicant tracking merging with those who had years in benefits administration or pay. Seasoning this healthy mix is a good dose of new experts from other industries and backgrounds who may have had success in other workflow applications or who have had extensive experience learning about what’s around the bend when it comes to technology.

Learning from its users, Ceridian pro-actively collaborates with their customers, its sales teams, its programmers and other key stakeholders to ensure Dayforce addresses a multitude of desires and concerns. Ceridian’s commitment to a positive and engaging customer experience ensures some stopping results, as is proven by the award winning Dayforce HCM. Dayforce HCM and individual modules have won the likes of HR Top Product, TekTonic, Ventana Research Technology Innovation and Stevie and American Business Awards.

Ms. Sterling likened the match of Ceridian’s powerful team and a commitment to the user experience as “leap frogging” the competition. While I enjoy a good frog analogy, I’d instead say that Ceridian is beating their competitors to the punch.

Ceridian’s user conference, Insights, was held in Vegas the week before HR Tech. During this event, Ceridian announced some product enhancements that are sure to back their competitors in the corner.

  • Predictive Analytics. While Dayforce HCM has always had a real time predictive component based on basic data points, this enhancement dives deep into workforce data to better evaluate employee flight risk and identify and address reasons contributing to employee turnover.
  • Compensation. Again, Dayforce has always had a compensation management component but its enhancement allows for full service compensation management including customized variable pay management, budgeting, compa-ratio development and analysis, and modeling.
  • Dayforce Software Partner Program (DSPP). This enhancement is reflective of Ceridian’s collaborative and supportive culture in that it is a way for organizations to have seamless and nearly effortless connectivity from Dayforce to other applications such as a CRM, bookkeeping software, logistics platform, etc.
  • Native UK Payroll. Ceridian has always been a global payroll solution but darnit, those UK companies needed something special! Ceridian responded and extended Dayforce’s native payroll capabilities to the UK to address the complexities of compensation for employers based in the UK.

With the four enhancements adding to what already is a powerful contender in the HCM industry, one can easily see that the gloves are off and Ceridian Dayforce could very well be the Knock Out product this year at HR Tech.

(You can visit Ceridian at Booth #1919 - amplify your experience by scheduling an appt for some one-on-one, uninterrupted time!)

Heather Kinzie

Written by Heather Kinzie

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