Boese: 4 questions for business agility

Jun 10, 2020 10:49:13 AM / by HR Tech

In my last column, I set out to articulate what the team at H3 HR Advisors was considering the primary challenges facing HR and business leaders as they continue to deal with the coronavirus impact today and to plan for a still-uncertain tomorrow. One month later, while perhaps a few elements of the complex array of moving parts impacting work and business have become more clear, many — if not most — have not. And, while perhaps some of us are working more actively toward the restoration of the “normal,” most of us are probably not quite there yet.

You are likely reading this from your home, not your old office. You may have had two or three video conferences so far today, and you have still not been bold enough to venture out much past the grocery store and pharmacy. So, while some things have changed and some have improved over the last month, fundamentally, not all that much is different. And how we at H3 HR are thinking about the next six, 12, 18 months has not changed that much either.

We still see the most important areas for HR and business leaders to be business agility, employee wellbeing and the evolution of leadership. Last month, I made the case for these three ideas, and in the next several months, I want to expand on each of these themes to try to encourage and provoke your thinking and planning as HR leaders in the months ahead. This month, I want to explore business/HR agility by suggesting four questions you can ask of your HR function (and the larger organization as well) to seek more agile approaches to your work.

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